A comprehensive sales execution CRM for stock brokers

The one-stop solution to manage all your teams – from digital to feet-on-street, and more

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  • Maximize new customer acquisition ratios 
  • Notify call center agents about application drop-offs 
  • Distribute leads  automatically 
  • Empower your sales managers and teams 
  • Increase conversion & retention rates 

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We’re here to answer all your questions!

Customers who use LeadSquared report


Lead capture


Increase in sales efficiency


Increase in call center efficiency

10x increase in RM productivity

Leadsquared has grown to be a strong partner with us and is at the center of all our large sales and marketing initiatives with very close integration with our core applications and platforms. Smooth integration to telephony systems and real-time reports has helped improve contact center productivity from 30 acc per RM to 180+ acc per RM in the last 2 years. Our acquisition numbers have grown by 10x.