Angel One Increases its RM Productivity by 10x using LeadSquared

Prabhakar Tiwari

“Leadsquared has grown to be a strong partner with us and is at the center of all our large sales and marketing initiatives with very close integration with our core applications and platforms.”


10x your sales productivity with LeadSquared.

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Increase in RM


Increase in Call Centre Efficiency


Response Time


Performance Reports

Loves LeadSquared for:

  • 100% Multi-channel Lead Capture
  • QMS to Monitor Customer Interaction
  • Increased Rep Productivity and ROI
  • High Lead-to-conversion Ratio
  • Detailed Performance Reports

Increase in RM


Increase in Call Centre Efficiency


Response Time


Performance Reports

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Bangalore, India

From the change in customer expectations to the ever-evolving market trends, disruptions in the lifestyle have led to stark differences in the way people trade and buy stocks. Digital intervention and automation have introduced the capital market to a new way of scaling the business.

In striving to deliver ultimate client satisfaction, India’s 3rd largest stockbroking firm, Angel One (formerly known as Angel Broking Ltd.) is on a mission to provide the best value for money to investors through innovative products and personalized services.

Challenges Faced by Angel One

The company had the vision to introduce new and innovative products and services regularly. With a commitment to provide “Real value for money”, the company is involved in efficiently integrating the latest technological innovations within its business.

As the company expanded, they were on the lookout to replace their labor-intensive in-house software with an automated and centralized one to meet their business requirements. After evaluating LeadSquared, they found it to be a perfect fit because of its operational, collaborative, and analytical features.

The various challenges that the team was looking forward to address were:

  • Unable to deliver a personalized and efficient sales and marketing experience
  • Improper flow of data between teams due to disparate systems
  • No set rules for prioritizing the prospect leads
  • Need for auditing software for quality check of customer interaction
  • Disintegration of the call center with other teams leading to a reduced response rate
  • Low lead-to-conversion ratio due to manually handled processes

LeadSquared Features that Helped

Leadsquared has played a pivotal role in our journey of becoming the 3rd largest broker. In the last two years, Angel One has changed its offering to a fixed brokerage model. In this process, we had a great platform which allowed us to quickly move from field agents to contact center.

The broking firm uses LeadSquared to meet and satisfy each customer’s needs uniquely and individually. The various elements that helped the company scale are:

1. Capturing trading inquiries from all channels:

Angel One attracts high-quality trading and account creation inquiries from multiple channels, including all online platforms like Google, organic channels, social media, email, SMS, programmatic, referral, and influencers.

LeadSquared helps them capture these inquiries, ensuring zero lead leakage throughout. It monitors and analyzes every lead generation channel’s performance and gives a complete insight into the lead quality and conversions. With automated screening at each step, only good quality inquiries go down the funnel, saving time for critical tasks.

2. Distributing inquiries with a pre-set logic:

With a large number of sources for lead generation, distribution of the inquiries plays a very critical role in the trading business.

Post capturing inquiries, the leads are passed on to the contact center. LeadSquared uses various lead and agent attributes- lead quality, location, language, designation, and more to distribute leads.

Distributing inquiries with a pre-set logic

A. Based on application status

Distribution logic ensures that only those leads move to the contact center that need assistance with filling their online application. The finished applications directly get transferred to the processing team.

B. Based on language

Since language might vary for different agents based out of varied regions, the distribution also happens based on language. For eg: a prospect who is more comfortable in speaking Kannada will be assigned to an agent who is affluent in the same language.

C. Based on employee tenure

The lead distribution happens basis the tenure of the employee with the organization. This helped Angle One in assigning high priority leads to employees with more experience and thus improving on the conversion rate.

D. Based on agent shifts

The distribution of inquiries also happens on the basis of agent working hours. For eg., consider an agent who works from 9 am to 9 pm, and the lead gets assigned to him at 10 pm. With the help of automation, the lead assignment gets scheduled for the next day at 9 am. This way no lead gets missed out.

E. Based on lead capping logic

In addition to distributing leads based on criteria, they use LeadSquared’s capping logic to ensure that agents aren’t assigned more leads than the specified limit. This capping logic can also be region-specific.

The features like activity & automation gave a lot of power to the business team to apply rules on the move without impacting productivity. Smooth integration to telephony systems and real-time reports has helped improve contact center productivity from 30 acc per RM to 180+ acc per RM in the last 2 years. Our acquisition numbers have grown by 10x.

3. Managing lead enquiries and drop-offs:

It is essential to track every single lead that comes in from various sources and make sure it gets converted. But the chances of a lead dropping off in the middle of completing the application or during the process is very high.

Hence, it is necessary to notify the sales rep so they can take the required actions when a lead drops off. LeadSquared helps Angel One to identify the application completion rates across their products, teams, regions, and more. It even helps them in identifying the pages or form fields where most drop-offs happen, allowing them to fix the form layouts for higher completion ratios.

In addition to this, LeadSquared also helped Angle One with custom forms for internal teams to solve any customer-related queries.

Managing lead enquiries and drop-offs

For various queries related to other departments, customers used to contact the call centre. The call centre executive would not have the complete solution and hence was required to invest time to sort these out. With the help of custom work (LAPP and API integrations) with LeadSquared, we were able to build custom forms where the executive would put in the customer query to trigger an automated email to the concerned team.

4. Monitoring customer interaction with quality management system:

Angel One needed a Quality Management System(QMS) to audit the calls made by the tele-calling team. For this quality check, they wanted a seamless integration of the QMS with the Lead Management System (LMS).

The quality management system helped them with:

  • Auditing the calls made by the telesales team in real-time
  • Auditing the calls based on source-type
  • Processing equal sampling of all calls
  • Distributing an equal number of calls for auditing for each region
  • Building quality checklist and scoring agents based on pre-set criteria using custom forms
  • Sending alerts to managers and users based on the tele-agent performance
  • Escalating the problem in case of issues in the agent calls
  • Pushing data to and from the LMS

This allows the managers to identify high and low-quality calls, set benchmarks for agent training, and suggest agents’ corrective actions. So they can now help the tele-agent make the right pitch to the customers.

With the onset of pandemic and our employees working from home, the recordings of calls were unavailable for any audits and process improvements. We integrated a cloud calling solution from Exotel for all our call centre executives which enabled us to monitor the calls, leading to process monitoring, identifying training needs thus improving on the conversion rates,” says Prabhakar. 

5. Engaging customers with marketing automation:

Engaging customers with marketing automation

LeadSquared helps in segmenting prospects and customers based on various factors. This helps in engaging with customers with relevant content at the right time.

A. Trigger-based marketing campaigns

The prospect journey workflows automates the communication across various channels. As the prospect moves ahead in the journey and is ready for document verification, the automation trigger sends an email with a KYC verification link.

Trigger-based marketing campaigns

B. Managing drop-off journey

If a prospect shows interest in a product, fills the KYC form, but drops off, automated email campaigns send a reminder to the prospect and allows him to start from where he left off.

“With the help of the right tools, our lead engagement has become measurable and the lead volume has increased from 50k to 6 lakhs per month.”

6. Analyzing performance with reports:

Various automated reports help in analyzing the performance of different teams. The reports can be based on region, team, source performance, and many more. These reports help in getting deep insights into ongoing sales and operations.

Analyzing performance with reports

LeadSquared Results

The broking firm has seen tremendous results and growth using LeadSquared sales and marketing solution.

We have been using Leadsquared for more than 2 years now. The experience so far has been very positive & encouraging. Leadsquared has grown to be a strong partner with us and is at the centre of all our large sales and marketing initiatives with very close integration with our core applications and platforms. The ability to adapt to constant changes in business is the biggest benefit of Leadsquared.

With a seamless flow of data between systems, they have reduced the response time and improved customer interaction. Overall, it has saved them time, which dramatically increased productivity and ROI.

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