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The insurance advisory loves LeadSquared because it helped:
  • Scale up their advisory calls without compromising on quality
  • Simplify their sales process with automation
  • Increase conversions with improved follow ups
  • Reduce lead leakage by automating lead collection capture and distribution

About Ditto

Most insurance buyers find it hard to understand lengthy and jargon-laden insurance policy documents. Ditto solves this problem by helping users understand the policies in simple language, compare them, and shortlist the best ones for them. The team provides call and WhatsApp-based assistance to clarify user doubts. Their advice focuses on health and term insurance for now, which will diversify in the future. 

The advisors call to understand parameters like buyer’s income level, spending patterns, and more and suggest options accordingly. Ditto’s advisors concentrate on suggesting the covers they would choose for themselves. This is also where the company’s name – Ditto – comes from.   
Lead capture and distribution was unorganized and took up a lot of time
Lead Capture and distribution automation makes the process error-free and frees up the team’s time.
Maintaining the quality of calls while scaling up seemed impossible.
Conversation tracking allows Ditto to keep track of each team member’s call durations and quality.
It was hard to identify the stage at which the user was ready to decide
LeadSquared tracks and notifies the team members as the user moves from one stage of buying to the next.
The advisors couldn’t see their daily tasks—calls to make, documents to share—this resulted in missed tasks.
On LeadSquared’s dashboards, each advisor gets a daily agenda to organize their tasks. Timely reminders ensure that no activity or follow-up is missed.

Ditto’s team of advisors started small, but the high quality of the advice and service ensured that the demand from buyers rose rapidly. Every advisor’s call with a user lasts roughly 30 minutes. Soon the advisors were overbooked, and Ditto had to increase the team size to accommodate the demand. 

As the team grew, they encountered the typical challenges of scaling up- maintaining the quality of calls, booking the sessions and sending confirmations, while ensuring the time and resources weren’t being misallocated to low-value operational tasks. Keeping logs on google sheets and tracking previous conversations became extremely difficult as well. They couldn’t resolve these operational challenges with Airtable. That’s when they decided that it was time to team up with a CRM to tackle these obstacles. 

The right CRM to manage operations  

Their expectations from the CRM included call recording and monitoring, fast dialling, and conversation tracking. Rapid growth meant that they already had plans for complex use cases, such as claim filing. After finalizing the scope of their requirements, they decided they definitely needed customizable workflows and automation from their CRM.

After long deliberation, Ditto shortlisted Pipedrive, FreshSales, Zoho, and LeadSquared. Since Ditto works on a slightly different model from most insurance companies, they needed workflows worked well for insurance businesses but can be customized to fit their requirements. Finally, Ditto found the right balance of automation and customizations with LeadSquared.

After a short implementation and training period, Ditto achieved the results that they had been aiming for. Here’s how they did it:  

Scaling Up Quality Advisory Calls

Unlike most insurance marketplaces, Ditto doesn’t reach out to the buyers unless they request a call. They also accept only a fixed number of appointments and dedicate a 30-min slot for each call. During the call, the advisor shares their recommendations, but the buyer is under no obligation to buy.

“With a smaller team, the quality of advice shared was consistent. With new advisors joining us every month as we scaled up, maintaining quality became a task. Manually dialing and recording every call was tough for us too.”

Lokesh Gurram, Co-Founder, Ditto Insurance

With a big team, scheduling calls, keeping the appointments, and monitoring their quality became increasingly difficult. After moving from Google sheets to LeadSquared, the team can now track the number of calls made and their durations. The recordings help them consistently improve the quality of the calls and the advice shared.

Better Communication and Lead Tracking

Better Communication and Lead Tracking

After a sale, Ditto helps their buyers with the application process—including document verification and medical check-ups. Since they cover each stage in the buyer’s end-to-end journey, they need frequent contact points with the buyer. 

As the number of calls goes up, LeadSquared continues to handle them with ease. The advisors can view their daily contact agenda so that no follow-up or important call gets missed. As the buyer moves from one stage to another, their status gets updated on its own. 

Improved Sales Workflow

mproved Sales Workflow

“Before LeadSquared, managing leads and activities was time-consuming and resource intensive. We couldn’t dedicatedly focus on the service part, which is what we are good at. But now Leadsquared handles the operations bit for us, freeing up our bandwidth to constantly improve the quality of our advice.” 

Lokesh Gurram, Co-Founder, Ditto Insurance

LeadSquared Automations simplify Ditto’s sales process as well. They save a significant amount of time with the built-in-dialer and dynamic forms that the advisors use to enrich lead information. Ditto integrated their own API for WhatsApp conversations on Linkedin so that all the communication channels were covered. 

Lead Capture and Distribution 

Keeping track of the leads added to the system from different sources was complicated and manual. With LeadSquared, lead capture and distribution are automated based on advisors’ availability. The right processes helped increase the number of leads by 30-40%. The reports and analytics also help them gain insights to constantly optimize their workflows. 

To Summarize

Ditto aims to become the one-stop solution for all insurance-related doubts or inquiries. To achieve this, they needed to focus on maintaining the quality of their advice. Manual processes and record maintenance had become a stumbling roadblock to their philosophy of high quality. LeadSquared has helped them automate their sales workflows and scale up without compromising on any user’s experience with Ditto. 

What Ditto achieved with LeadSquared

  • Efficient lead management
  • Increased the number of leads and conversions
  • Streamlined sales processes
  • Improved team productivity