Cross-sell Engine.
Make the right offer at the right time.

Manage multiple insurance products and spot upsell/cross-sell opportunities to increase your customers' share of wallet

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Automate cross-sell campaigns with no-code journey builder

Spot cross-sell opportunities automatically and run campaigns to encourage your clients to get all the relevant policies they need from you alone! You can notify your agents of these opportunities automatically as well.

Insurance cross-sell engine - automated campaigns

Insurance Cross-sell Engine - product bundling lists of bundling opportunities

Use LeadSquared’s advanced search filters to identify clients with cross-sell or bundling opportunities. You already know which products can be bundled together for maximum closure chances – you or your agents can create these lists and send them to the dialer for quick calls.

And send them to the dialer

Call your cross-sell opportunities faster without compromising on outstanding customer experience. Click-to-call, predictive, or progressive dialing options allow you to outdial competitors to connect with leads faster, without switching between tabs.

Insurance Agency CRM - built-in dialer

Insurance cross-sell engine - signals

Listen for cross-sell signals and act on them

When a Medicare client (who doesn’t hold a dental plan) visits your Dental Insurance page and spends 10 minutes there, before dropping off – it’s a clear sign that they are interested in the dental plan as well. Notify your agents automatically – and send automated offers to the client if you want.

Connect it with all the tools you use and love

LeadSquared integrates with all the tools your agency uses – either directly, via APIs, or Zapier. Connect your core Agency Management System, dialers, IVR and telephony tools, marketing and lead generation channels, chatbots, your email inbox, and 100s of other tools and channels!

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Get complete performance reports for your cross-sell campaigns

Analyze the cross-sell rates of your groups, individuals, agents and policies

Rated highly by customers

LeadSquared CRM and automation is made for both advanced and first time users. It’s easy to deploy, learn and modify. And your personal Customer Success manager is with you to help 24/7.

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