HealthStaff Training Institute Improves Conversion by 10%

Kishore Mathrani

“This year is a record year of business for us—LeadSquared’s in-built marketing capabilities gave us a true edge. It has increased our efficiency not only in terms of lead capture but also for when we interact with them once they become our students. I would say the tool has the capability to do anything, it’s up to the person on how they want to use it.”

healthstaff training institute

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Increase in Student Conversion




Counsellor Productivity

The Institution Loves LeadSquared for Its:

  • Marketing engagement capabilities 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Third-party integration 
  • Quick customer support 

Increase in Student Conversion




Counsellor Productivity

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About HealthStaff Training Institute

HealthStaff Training Institute (HSTi) is a professional, private vocational institution that trains individuals to become efficient, capable, and allied healthcare or business professionals. They provide these courses on-campus as well as offline.

The team had been using a CRM but wasn’t happy with their marketing automation capabilities. Their hunt for a more end-to-end solution led them to LeadSquared. But their journey wasn’t an easy one.

Challenges Faced by HealthStaff

Their previous CRM helped sales with their daily tasks but the communication between marketing and sales was broken. It wasn’t possible for sales or marketing to nurture prospects using the same platform.

1. Broken processes between sales and marketing

As mentioned before, the teams couldn’t communicate with each other as they maintained data on different platforms. This impacted the engagement as well as the ability to nurture prospects.

2. Weak integration capabilities

Their previous system couldn’t seamlessly integrate with third-party platforms like social media and messaging to capture leads from different sources.

3. Lack of lead prioritization

It was difficult for the sales teams to understand who to call first since the data was fragmented, and information was captured on different platforms. It also proved difficult to segment lists and nurture them properly.

LeadSquared’s Marketing Capabilities Improves Engagement

They were considering other CRM platforms before LeadSquared. But they needed a tool that could be quickly implemented and have exceptional tracking capabilities. That’s why LeadSquared became the frontrunner.

In-built marketing capabilities

They love LeadSquared because of its marketing and tracking capabilities—like setting up nurturing sequences or setting up automation. This helps the sales and marketing to be on the same platform and send out uniform and consistent messaging to help students move down the funnel.

“Having a CRM with in-built marketing system is a huge edge to have. I found a lot of features like in-built texts, landing pages, and forms to be attractive. As well as the capability to create lists and segmentation.” 


Easy third-party integrations

LeadSquared marketplace has multiple third-party connectors that can be integrated to the platform with a click of a button. This helps the team to capture leads from various social media platforms, create landing pages to build a nurturing list, and set up ‘welcome’ sequences based on different sources.

“We use LeadSquared as a student management system, and now sending out any communication at scale has become a 1-minute job.”


Segmentation helps with conversions

Since lead capture and communication is being maintained on the same platform, the team could segment inquiries and send out personalized messages at scale. This resulted in improved conversions and higher engagement rates.

“LeadSquared has been a big help in terms of efficiently capturing and managing leads, reaching out to them, and engaging with them after they become our students.”


Implementing LeadSquared helped the team not only improve counsellor efficiency but also impacted the bottom line through marketing and engagement activities.

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