upGrad Reduces TAT to under 30 minutes with LeadSquared


“upGrad has multiple business verticals, and some of them depended on manual lead distribution. After implementing LeadSquared, lead response times have reduced from 36hr to 30 mins.”


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TAT to under 30 mins


Sales Productivity


Process Implementation

The EdTech Loves LeadSquared for Its:

  • Ability to build automation on-the-go
  • Pre-built marketplace integration
  • Reports to provide helpful insights 
  • Smart views for lead prioritization 

TAT to under 30 mins


Sales Productivity


Process Implementation

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About upGrad

upGrad, started in 2015, is a higher online education platform that provides upskilling courses to college students and working professionals. They have multiple B2C verticals like study abroad, undergraduate, graduate, and certificate courses under the upGrad umbrella.

Before LeadSquared, upGrad was using another CRM system and faced difficulties in setting up automation and making process-level changes. Teams at upGrad couldn’t effectively manage leads due to the complexity of the system’s UI. Their leadership had used LeadSquared and implemented it at upGrad in 2021.

Stupid Skills


As mentioned earlier, upGrad has multiple business verticals—some use a CRM, while others depend on manual processes for lead management.

1. Manual lead distribution led to higher TAT

Certain B2C verticals were dependent on manual processes for lead distribution. This meant that reaching out to leads took a minimum of 24 to 36 hours. A social media lead or any third-party platform lead used to enter the system a little too late leading to higher TATs in lead responses.

2. Establishing lead priority was difficult

Using a non-UI friendly system meant the end users had to spend time on searching for leads they needed to call on priority. The sales team could not reach out to optimum number of leads in a day.

3. Implementing process-level changes were slow

Having a complex CRM wasn’t a challenge just for sales. It also trickled down to implementing changes in the sales process. Creating and editing processes in the system involved having dependencies on external tech support. And changes were made at a far too slow rate.

4. Tracking productivity was time-consuming

When you don’t have control over what changes are getting implemented or how they impact business processes, one needs to allot time to track these manually and build reports around the same.

Introducing the LeadSquared Edge

Once the leadership got LeadSquared implemented, results started to show. From onboarding one team in the beginning to the entire B2C vertical has started using LeadSquared as their CRM. Here’s how LeadSquared created an impact for different users in the system.

Automated lead distribution—a blessing in disguise

After LeadSquared, B2C verticals could set up automated lead distribution based on business logic.

So no more leads got lost in transit or took a day to reach the end user to call. Seamless integrations with third-party platforms led to lead information getting captured and transmitted in real time.

“We don’t want them to waste their time on understanding a complicated CRM rather than focus on generating revenue”


Sales productivity gets optimized

With a user-friendly UI, and end users getting to see the priority of leads and follow-up tasks, the team’s day-to-day work was much more revenue-focused with minimized distractions. Now a sales user knows which leads to contact first, complete their follow-ups, and spend time on counselling students rather than scour for leads to call.

“We have created different prospect buckets, so the sales user can focus more on converting the lead rather than spending time on searching the lead.”


Admins could take charge of process-level changes

Making changes in LeadSquared was quite intuitive and didn’t involve a lot of coding or technical assistance. You did make mistakes, but recalling changes, editing them, and going live with an automation is quite seamless.

As an admin user, the control over data and processes is completed taken care by you.

“The feature that I like the most is creating automations on-the-go. It’s a simple drag-and-drop feature and process-level changes are implemented faster. I don’t need to write lines of code or depend on tech support to implement sales process changes.”


The simple UI, ability to customize, and have autonomy over process-level changes, upGrad could serve their business needs and customers better. It helped with increased productivity, faster responses, and enhanced tracking capabilities by implementing LeadSquared’s EdTech CRM. Looking for such results too? Talk to an expert.