Erie Institute of Technology Goes Digital for their Admissions Process


“It has been revolutionary for us. Coming from excel sheets to a powerful tool like LeadSquared where you can track progress minute by minute has been great. Our admissions reps live on LeadSquared now. One of the things that was important to us as a small business was the level of support we wished to receive. With LeadSquared, we felt like any other large client.”

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Counsellor Efficiency


Funnel Visibility


Personalized Communications

The Education Institution Loves LeadSquared for Its:

  • Automation capabilities 
  • Third-party integration 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Customer support 

Counsellor Efficiency


Funnel Visibility


Personalized Communications

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About Erie Institute of Technology

Erie Institute of Technology is a vocational school that helps students start their careers and upskill themselves in areas of computer, electronics, manufacturing, and technology. They are dedicated to developing each student’s abilities by providing the necessary skills and supporting knowledge.

The institute enrolls about 200-250 students each year and was looking to digitize its admissions process. They met the LeadSquared Education team during an event and were excited to try out the admission CRM.

But here’s what led them to search for a CRM in the first place.


Erie Institute had used low-tech processes for about 20 years and predominantly managed admissions manually using spreadsheets. And working on multiple sheets had its own set of challenges.

1. Low counsellor efficiency

Converting a student inquiry to an application involved a number of steps. With counselors managing conversations, taking notes, and reporting it on a spreadsheet meant they were spending more time on repetitive tasks. It was also not possible to scale conversations without automation.

2. Lack of visibility

Working on excel sheets meant the management wasn’t aware of what was happening at the ground level. It was difficult to understand what was working and what wasn’t. Tracking counsellor performance, managing follow-ups, and mapping conversations wasn’t possible.

Getting real-time updates, meeting performance expectations, and building a comprehensive process also proved to be a challenge.

“It was difficult to learn what was happening at the lead level. It wasn’t efficient to manage the flow on spreadsheets. There were also higher chances of human error. I couldn’t have visibility on what really went on behind the scenes”

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3. Higher chances of human error

Manual processes resulted in higher chances of human errors – inflated numbers, lead duplication, improper follow-ups, and missing out on detailed interactions. It was more work for both the management and the admissions counsellors to map detailed logs of each activity. 

And because of these challenges, the team was on the lookout for an end-to-end student management system. 

LeadSquared Enrollment Helps Scale Personalization

The team chose LeadSquared for 2 specific reasons—the level of support they received matched their expectations and the insights from other LeadSquared users revolutionized their admissions process.

Here’s why the team loved LeadSquared –

Counsellors are more organized and efficient

The leap from manual processes to a digital one proved to be a great advantage. The counsellors were now able to manage conversations, send out communications, make notes, and stay up to date with follow-ups very easily.

“Our admissions reps live on LeadSquared now. Coming from an excel based approach to now sending out every piece of communication through one platform has helped them become more organized”

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Management receives real-time updates

After implementing LeadSquared, the management could now view leads, counsellor performance, and application status in real time. The visibility of numbers not only helps them understand how the team is performing but also to compare how they fair in terms of industry standards.

“It has helped the management a lot. At any given point, I can login and see how many leads have come in and how the reps respond to those leads. We’ve become better at tracking our numbers and comparing them to industry averages”

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Automation revolutionizes their communication processes

Right from inquiry capture to assigning the right counsellor and sending out personalized communication—the team has been able to automate these processes to minimize human error. This has also helped the counsellors focus more on counselling while the student engagement and nurturing happens in the backend.

“One thing that has been revolutionary for us, is the ability to automate email and texts based on lead stages. And they go out in the reps’ names so that has helped a lot in personalizing those messages”

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Introducing a big change in processes from working on excel sheets to moving to an intuitive user-friendly enrollment platform—the Erie team has set themselves up for success. LeadSquared has helped them scale communication, track numbers, and train new counsellors—all with a single solution.  

If you too are looking to go digital with your admissions process, talk to an expert today!