BTL Marketing Solution

Streamline on-field activities and get a comprehensive view of your campaigns from inception to execution and analysis.

BTL marketing solution

Execute Successful On-field
Campaigns with Unparalleled Ease

No more fragmented efforts – plan, execute, monitor, and analyze your
campaigns on one platform.

Update details of the physical location with pictures and share details with team managers

Simplify asset creation and management

Digitize your entire workflow to unlock a smoother process. Effortlessly identify and update details of the physical location online.

Generate leads via mobile app

Capture leads on the spot and maximize campaign success with mobile app. Optimize ROI through streamlined lead management.

  • Capture leads within the geo-fenced location only
  • Automate lead distribution and connect faster with prospects
  • Use OTP verification to ensure lead authenticity

Monitor campaign activities in real-time

Stay in control of event operations and get updates anytime, anywhere.

  • Mandatory campaign check-ins for the team
  • Geo-fence the check-in task
  • Get updates on campaigns and capture leads in real-time
Monitor campaign activities in real-time
Get insightful reports and dynamic dashboards

Get insightful reports and dynamic dashboards

Gain in-depth insights into campaign effectiveness. Analyze campaign success and make data driven decisions.

  • Generate real time reports for registrations and attendees
  • View leads generated and progress on the leads
  • Calculate ROI from the campaigns

Transform your offline campaigns with
LeadSquared’s BTL Marketing Solution

BTL Marketing Solution FAQs

What is BTL marketing?

BTL (Below-the-Line) marketing refers to direct, targeted promotional activities that engage specific audiences through methods such as events, webinars/seminars, trade shows, etc.

What is a BTL marketing solution?

A BTL marketing software or solution is a digital platform designed to streamline and enhance below-the-line marketing activities. It helps streamline all the activities from planning to execution.

What are the benefits of using a BTL marketing solution?

The benefits of a BTL marketing solution include measurable results, improved campaign management, streamlined event promotions, direct mail automation, and the ability to track and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns, leading to effective event engagement and higher ROIs.

What is the full form of BTL in marketing?

Below-the-Line Marketing.