A new way to run high velocity sales simplify enrollment grow your practice

Get higher efficiency out of your call center, feet-on-street, digital sales and merchant operations.


“Last year we enrolled more students than we have in our 38-year history.”

Jessica Barry
President & Owner
Zero Lead Leakage
YoY Growth

“Prospects are informed about every step, which helps us enroll the right students to our school.”

Tamara Young
Director of Marketing
2x Pipeline Growth
Support Issues

“Prospects are informed about every step, which helps us enroll the right students to our school.”

Kim Gasper
Corporate Director of Admissions
12x Speed-to-lead
Increase in Contact Rate

Loved by

2000+ customers all over the world

Lincoln Tech
NSCAD University
New England College
Lincoln Nova Vital Recovery
two chairs
Lindenwood University
Pathways College

Get higher productivity from all your teams

Sales CRM
Sales Performance
Field Operations
Marketing Automation
Service CRM
Self-serve Portals
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Sales CRM
Sales CRM
Sales CRM

Increase sales velocity and improve conversion rates. Use automation to help salespeople increase efficiency.

Sales Performance
Sales Performance Suite
Sales Performance

Achieve your sales targets. Define goals, measure progress, and gamify results with LeadSquared Ace.

Field Operations
Mobile CRM
Field Operations

Build a highly productive field team. Automate, plan, and monitor your agent’s daily sales routine.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Push leads down the sales funnel faster with powerful lead nurturing features.

Service CRM
Service Cloud
Service CRM

From creation to resolution, streamline your customer support journey.

Self-serve Portals
Self-serve Portal
Self-serve Portals

Allow prospects and vendors to complete their applications online and manage their profiles.


Integrate with all the tools you use and love

Extend LeadSquared to build purpose-driven solutions with ease.

Goodbye guesswork, hello sales efficiency

Transform sales across all channels. Never miss a sales opportunity.

Without LeadSquared

  • Salespeople are less productive because they are unsure what to do next.
  • Salespeople struggle to score leads and pursue best-fit prospects.
  • Higher turnaround times decrease engagement and threaten sales.
  • Disconnected digital customer onboarding processes cause high drop-off rates.
  • Managers are stuck with ineffective processes unless IT can come to their rescue.

With LeadSquared

  • Salespeople sail smoothly through each day and get more done in less time.
  • Salespeople can work smarter, spending more time with the right prospects.
  • Reduce turnaround times and empower your salespeople to connect with prospects faster.
  • Enable smooth self-serve and assisted customer and partner onboarding journeys.
  • Sales and marketing managers can optimize processes without touching a single line of code.

Here’s why our customers love us

“Could manage sales funnels effectively”

“LeadSquared is the best CRM tool”

“Best customer data software”

“Very Useful Software for Field Sales”

The contact rate went up by 13% and campus appointments by 5%

“The admissions team was able to increase speed-to-lead by 12 time. It helped them personalize communications throughout the student life cycle and track all the communications, offering continued rich student engagement from end to end.”
Kim Gasper, Corporate Director of Admissions