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Maximize your clinic's efficiency with improved customer data management and impactful marketing campaigns.

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Tamara Young
Tamara Young
Director of Marketing

We’ve roughly doubled the amount of leads we’re able to manage. A lot of that is due to the time-saving factor of working with LeadSquared. We’re able to cut down our turnaround time responding to inquiries and reach out to and communicate with many more leads.

Adi Mordechai - Wesper
Adi Mordechai
CTO and Co-Founder

We could not have scaled the way we did without LeadSquared’s automation. We were able to connect with more customers, streamline our sales, even improve our support and fulfillment processes. LeadSquared turned things around!

Maximize Your Clinic’s Efficiency.

From capturing leads to scheduling appointments and automating communication — managing your clinic is now easier than ever.

Capture leads across multiple channels

Easily capture inquiries from your websites, socials and ads in real-time.

CRM features for skin care clinics

Automated appointment scheduling

Let clients check availability and book appointments directly from your website or landing page.

CRM for skin care service providers

Confirmations and reminders

Ensure your clients will never miss an appointment with SMS and email confirmations.

skin care clinic crm

Email marketing

Establish and nurture your client’s relationship with your clinic through targeted email campaigns.

CRM for skin care specialists

Create and track campaigns

Launch referral programs, create feedback forms, and conduct surveys effortlessly.

CRM for dermatologists

Performance insights

Get real-time insights into how your marketing strategies and clinic operations are faring.

Best CRM for dermatology clinics

Easy Integration With Existing Tools

LeadSquared ensures seamless integration with tools commonly used by healthcare providers.

Telephony / IVRs
EHRs and EMRs
Messaging Apps

Play By The Rules

We ensure your compliance with various privacy protection and data governance laws.

CRM compliant with HIPAA and other data governing laws

A CRM Tailored for Skin Care Clinics

LeadSquared will take on the administrative load, so you can dedicate quality time for your clients.


Why do you need security in a CRM for your skin care clinic?

To help you protect sensitive client data, comply with regulations, and prevent data breaches.

What is a HIPAA-compliant CRM platform?

A CRM platform that safeguards patient data through confidentiality, secure storage, and backups.

What are some examples of automation performed by a CRM platform in healthcare?

A CRM platform in healthcare automates various tasks to streamline operations. For instance, it employs AI-powered chatbots to interact with patients, addressing their queries promptly. Automated text messages are sent to remind patients of upcoming appointments, reducing no-show rates. Doctors can electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies, ensuring timely medication management and cost control through pharmacy benefit management (PBM) systems.