How Manipal Hospitals Improved Lead Management and Reporting with LeadSquared

“LeadSquared’s APIs and connectors help us collect detailed patient data and integrate it with our core HIS system. The dashboards and reports enable us to work with this data and derive great insights from it. Both these features help streamline processes, save time, and in turn boost team productivity.

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Manipal Hospitals loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Improves patient-journey tracking
  • Simplifies monitoring and reporting
  • Boosts team productivity
  • Allows lead source tracking

Lead Leakage


View Across Teams


Team Collaboration


Patient Management

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Manipal Hospitals is one of the largest healthcare providers in India. Its network of over 27 multispecialty hospitals provides both curative and preventive care. They have one of the highest numbers of doctors and hospital beds that supported the country during the pandemic. In 2021, they also acquired Columbia Asia Hospitals, which made Manipal Hospitals the country’s second-largest multispecialty hospital chain.

During the pandemic, Manipal Hospitals put all their efforts into making appointments and consultations easier for patients. Their operations teams had to ensure that they could take in new patients every day while providing a safe and infection-free environment for scheduled surgeries and other patients who needed immediate care. At the same time, they underwent a digital transformation to enable video consultations using the Manipal Hospital App. 

The wide network of hospitals had multiple teams working together to enable a smooth patient experience. With a high patient volume and each team working on a different platform, keeping track of each patient’s journey and managing appointments became increasingly hard for Manipal Hospitals. They needed to centralise leads across India while securely managing patient information. 


1. Disconnect Between Teams

Multiple teams worked in tandem, but the patient data was scattered across different platforms. This made it hard to track previous activities and transfer patient leads across teams.

2. No Transparency in Lead Generation

Patient inquiries came in from many sources—Adwords, Organic Search, and online bookings via the app. Tracking these sources and attributing inquiries to them was getting extremely complicated.

3. Inefficient Lead Management

Managing patient enquiries, collecting information, and distributing leads for over 27 hospitals was hard to do on excel sheets.

4. Lack of an Extensive Reporting Tool

Generating cohesive revenue and productivity reports was a high-effort task that took several days.

Manipal teamed up with LeadSquared to cater to the high patient volume and streamline their internal processes. Here’s how they improved their patient management operations:

Efficient Processes with Integrated Teams 

Manipal Hospitals has three teams that play a crucial role in patient journeys. These teams—Lead generation agency, Inquiry Management, and Customer Experience—used different platforms to carry out their tasks. This worked out well within individual teams, but there were many issues when the leads had to be transferred across teams. The challenges arose because each team stored the data in a specific excel format and manually updated patient information. The lack of transparency translated to incorrect/mismatched patient information, loss of leads, and longer response time. 

Efficient process with integrated teams

After implementing LeadSquared across the board, the teams could see each lead’s status on one unified dashboard. The leads funnel in from the lead generation team and their journey ends at the feedback collection point by the customer experience team. LeadSquared helped streamline the process while removing all the operational obstacles

Now, the agency collects leads and confirms appointments on LeadSquared. The leads who make a specific inquiry are transferred to the respective team. The three teams now collaborate better, and the information collected is completely error-free. 

“The agency is the first point of contact, and they either confirm the appointment or pass it on to the inquiries team. The lead automatically moves to the next stage with LeadSquared. Implementing LeadSquared for our agency has helped us reduce redundancy in the data and track the TAT, which has boosted team productivity.”

Improved Lead Source Tracking 

Improved lead source tracking

Manipal Hospitals spends a lot of their marketing budget on generating leads via different channels, spanning across Adwords, SEO, Facebook and Google promotions, and chatbots. This made contacting them at the right time a priority.  But managing such a large volume on excel and individually tracking their source wasn’t an easy task, so they didn’t have a clear idea about source performance and budget reallocation. 

LeadSquared has helped Manipal Hospitals overcome this challenge as lead stages, and lead sources are tracked in real-time. The team can now plan marketing activities based on the most profitable sources.

Automated Sales Processes for Higher Productivity 

Manipal Hospitals also faced difficulty distributing thousands of leads city-wise using emails and over messages. The manual distribution slowed down the response rate and affected the patient’s experience.

Automated sales process for higher productivity

The leads are now automatically distributed via LeadSquared. Lead duplication because of multiple appointments scheduled by the same number has also been reduced. LeadSquared’s centralised lead management system has helped Manipal Hospitals keep a tab on all the leads across all their hospitals in the country.

Actionable Insights with Detailed Reporting 

Reports give an overall view of the most critical activities in any organization—the lack of quick and real-time reporting tool complicated processes for Manipal Hospitals.

“We used to struggle to create the right reports, and it took up 50% of the team’s efforts. Generating the reports would take us a couple of days, but with LeadSquared, this process only takes a few clicks”

Actionable insights with detailed reportingSince all the data is in one place on LeadSquared, creating customisable reports has become easy. The team can now derive insights in the form of:

  • Cost per lead reports
  • Revenue Reports: Highlighting the OPD and IPD team contributions.
  • Number of new leads and number of revisits
  • Speciality and doctor wise revenue

These reports help Manipal Hospitals build data-driven strategies and saves the teams a lot of time. They can now direct their efforts to high-value tasks instead of creating reports to present to the management. 

The Result 

LeadSquared has helped Manipal Hospitals centralise lead management and improved reporting for all teams. With LeadSquared, they aim to structure their internal process and optimise team productivity. In the future, they will also utilise the marketing features such as email campaigns and landing pages to boost lead generation and automate communication.

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