Easily Capture Property Enquiries from 99acres.com

Never miss a lead from listing sites like 99acres


Zero lead leakage and no manual intervention

Directly capture leads

Every lead who enquires for your property listing on 99acres is automatically captured into your LeadSquared account.

Say goodbye to excel sheets

No need to manually enter and manage each lead in excel. All leads that are emailed to you are captured and tracked in LeadSquared automatically

Distribute your leads automatically

Distribute leads automatically to different agents, based on the location they are interested in, the kind of properties that suits them, and any other criteria that you set.

Track your leads

Track every lead captured through 99acres.com. Score the leads based on their quality and activities, and qualify them accordingly.

Nurture your leads

Nurture your leads with emails and drip campaigns based on the pages they are viewing on your website. Relevant content at the right time ensures they remember you when they are ready to buy.

Analyze closure percentage

Analyze how well 99acres is working for you in terms of getting closures, how long is the conversion cycle, and how much revenue is being generated from each listed property.

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