LeadSquared CRM Administrator Certification Program

LeadSquared Administrator Certification plays a vital role in making the implementation journey seamless for businesses. This program will prepare the participant to learn the configuration of LeadSquared and administer it. 

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  • Product training by an expert
  • Hands-on experience of admin settings
  • Use case implementation
  • Quizzes & assessment
  • LeadSquared Administrator Certificate


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User Management

It covers various features users can access to streamline their management process.

Lead Management

It covers how to track a lead’s journey from creation through marketing and sales activities all the way to conversion.

Activity Management

It helps understand a lead’s position in the conversion funnel and automate nurturing and sales processes accordingly.

Task Management

It covers creating different tasks and scheduling relevant reminders for users on the LeadSquared account.

Lead Prioritization

It helps understand the art of separating quality leads from junk ones and reaching out to the ones most ‘likely to buy’ first.

Marketing Features

It covers step-by-step guidance on setting up and using LeadSquared as a marketer.

Opportunity Management

It covers the art of capturing potential deals, for example, cross-sells, up-sells, and other sales opportunities.

Forms and Process Designer

It helps understand and create intelligent lead capture forms relevant to processes and products and build out entire journeys.


It covers the art of automating the entire workflow using an intuitive and easy-to-use visual designer.


It helps understand how to build online portals to capture  leads  and opportunities through online forms, making the entire process paperless.

Reports & SIERA

It helps understand the generation and interpretation of reports.


It covers the complete ACE (Sales Performance Management Suite), which is dedicated to enhancing critical business metrics.

Mavis DB

Learn to create databases and table structures to store data, such as information on courses, properties, products, inventories, etc., right inside LeadSquared account.

Get the certification after completing an industry project and an assessment.

The certification process consists of two rounds:

This round will test your practical skills by requiring you to complete an industry project using all the skills you learned in the program. You must clear round 1 to attempt round 2.

Total Duration of the Exams: 1 Hour

adminstrator certificate


Ramakrishna Dharbhamulla

I’d like to thank the team for bringing forward a well-designed & effective program. Participating in this Certification program has helped me understand LeadSquared as software. Mr. Abhilash as a trainer, was extremely helpful & patient. After this training, I was able to drive significant growth and make a positive impact on the organization, especially the sales team. It helped me create detailed, customized reports, smart views, and automation of various processes on my own, which helped us to resolve queries without depending on the support team. Keep up the good work, Team LeadSquared!

Ramakrishna Dharbhamulla

The detailed training provided essential features useful for me and my team in our day-to-day usage of LeadSquared. I am a part of the marketing team in the Direct Marketing channel at Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance. We primarily use LeadSquared for analysis of campaigns and ensuring good governance and management. Post the training, I realized that there are several solutions like lead scoring, engagement scores, automation, lead forms, portals, and others that can help us optimize our processes further. Thanks to Abhilash, who guided us throughout the program & solved all our queries.

Swapnil Pardhi


Why should I consider getting LeadSquared Admin Certification?

It can enhance your career prospects, make you an asset to your organization, and provide you with a competitive edge in the job market.

What are the prerequisites for taking the LeadSquared Admin
Certification exam?

While there are no stringent prerequisites, having prior certification in LeadSquared Foundation can prove advantageous for your journey towards LeadSquared Admin Certification.

Are there any discounts available for group registrations or

Please get in touch with us for more information & follow us on LinkedIn for the latest discount offers.

What is the duration of validity for the LeadSquared Admin Certificate?

The LeadSquared Admin certificate remains valid for one year from the date of issuance.

What topics are covered in the LeadSquared Admin Certification?

The certification typically covers areas such as LeadSquared setup and configuration, lead management, email marketing, automation workflows, reporting, and more. For a detailed outline, download the brochure.