Calendly Integration with LeadSquared CRM – Schedule Meetings Efficiently

Connect with your prospects easily, save time and boost team productivity. Capture meeting invites of users in a form of leads and activities.

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LeadSquared + Calendly Connector Impact


Increase in ROI


Increase in meetings scheduled


Lesser churn


Missed meeting requests

Boost Sales Performance, Build Secure Connections, and Join Your Meetings with Ease!

Help your teams to stay engaged and connected through premium, secure video meetings, simple scheduling and adaptive layouts.

Real-time sync

Connect your users with real time sync and make your business processes more efficient.

Track Appointments

View and track appointments as events in LeadSquared. Synchronize event updates such as cancellations and rescheduling.

Collect Scheduling Details

LeadSquared creates Leads, Tasks and Activities for prospect who have booked an appointment for the first time.

Capture details from questionnaire

Collect information from custom questionnaires and add to LeadSquared.

Expand Your Reach, Improve Lead Tracking, and Easily Achieve Your Business Goals.

Calendly Integration FAQs

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a meeting scheduling software that allows us to set-up meetings professionally and efficiently. It syncs your calendar and eliminates the hassle of back-and-forth emails for finding a common time to set up a meeting. 

What is LeadSquared CRM?

LeadSquared is one of the fastest-growing sales CRMs that offers lead management, marketing automation, a self-serve portal, field sales solution, and sales performance management solution. It also provides out-of-box integration with many business tools, including Calendly calendar integration.

Calendly and CRM integration use cases

CRM and Calendly integration serve a number of use cases, for example: 

  1. Create a lead for a new meeting booked 
  1. If the lead already exists in your CRM, update the lead activity 
  1. Send meeting reminders to both parties  
  1. Cancel / reschedule the meeting with notes in the CRM 
  1. Filter calendly activities in CRM to check the number of interactions needed to close a deal. 

Does Calendly integrate with CRM?

Yes, Calendly seamlessly integrates with many popular CRMs like LeadSquared. All you need to do isgo to LeadSquared CRM marketplace, install Calendly, enter configuration details, and you’re all set to use Calendly and LeadSquared. 

How do I use Calendly API?

For details about using Calendly API, visit our Calendly integration documentation. 

Why should you connect your CRM to Calendly?

By connecting Calendly and CRM, you can easily schedule meetings, track the updates on the meetings, cancel/reschedule meetings if required, and more. Apart from this, you can create leads whenever you book a new meeting and update activities on existing leads. Calendly integration with CRM makes the sales process more efficient by syncing salespeople’s calendars in real-time and across different time zones.