CallTrackingMetrics Integration - Track All Call Details of Your Leads

All your inbound calls, missed calls and voicemails get captured directly in LeadSquared

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Simplify your call capture process with LeadSquared

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Say goodbye to lead leakage

Capture every inbound call from new and old leads in LeadSquared and send instant notifications to your sales agents.

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Call your leads directly from LeadSquared

Reduce your response time by contacting your leads immediately from LeadSquared with click-to-call feature.


Record all calls in LeadSquared

Record and access all calls between your leads and sales agents in LeadSquared. Now avoid the hassle of switching between different platforms.

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View all conversations as lead activities

With CallTrackingMetrics integration, you can track and monitor all calls taking place between your leads and sales agents in LeadSquared.

Automatically distribute leads to your sales agents

LeadSquared saves you the hassle of manually distributing leads to your sales agents by automatically distributing leads to them based on the rules you set. Sales agents can immediately follow up on new leads, thereby reducing follow-up time.

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Make sure all conversations are high quality

With all conversations tracked and captured in LeadSquared, you can easily monitor the conversations, and take instant corrective measures to improve the call quality.

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