Bolt.Earth Achieves 30% Surge in Conversions Using LeadSquared

“My experience with LeadSquared has been exceptional, particularly due to its robust automation capabilities and the team’s prompt and supportive nature, which have significantly streamlined our lead management processes and improved overall efficiency.”


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Improvement in Lead Capture


Increase in Conversion Rates


Increase in Team’s Productivity

Bolt.Earth Loves LeadSquared for:

  • Enhanced Automation
  • Improved Lead Tracking
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Increased Productivity
  • Prompt Support and Training

Improvement in Lead Capture


Increase in Conversion Rates


Increase in Team’s Productivity

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Introduction of Bolt.Earth

Bolt.Earth is a single-source provider for all charging needs. Founded in 2017 by Mohit Yadav and Jyotiranjan Harichandan, the company aims to make EVs more accessible, especially in emerging markets with high densities of 2 and 3-wheeled EVs.

By addressing challenges related to inadequate infrastructure, Bolt.Earth has created the world’s largest EV charging network and an advanced operating system tailored for these markets.

Bolt.Earth covers everything from software and discovering charging points to buying chargers. Initially involved in various aspects of the EV sector, the company shifted its focus solely to charging infrastructure as its primary business goal in 2024.

Bolt.Earth is dedicated to making EVs smart, safe, and connected.

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Key Bottlenecks Before Implementing LeadSquared

1. Inefficient lead capture

Before using LeadSquared, Bolt.Earth faced challenges with its lead capture process, particularly at events like expos. The organization relied on manual methods that often resulted in leads being improperly managed, leading to missed opportunities and potential revenue loss. The manual lead-tracking process made it difficult for the organization to engage with potential clients. Additionally, without a centralized system, valuable lead information was scattered making it challenging for the team to access and utilize data effectively.

2. Lack of consistency in lead qualification

Bolt.Earth faced challenges with consistency in lead qualification and tracking due to the absence of standardized approach. This led to inconsistencies in how leads were prioritized and nurtured, making it difficult to ensure that leads received the appropriate level of attention based on their potential. The lack of uniformity in the processes affected the efforts to maximize conversion rates.

Improvements Made by LeadSquared 

Automation in lead capture

LeadSquared implemented automation in lead capture, ensuring that all leads, whether from digital channels or events, are captured and assigned automatically. This has significantly reduced lead leakages and ensured that no leads are overlooked.

Enhanced lead management

LeadSquared introduced a standardized lead qualification and tracking process, ensuring all leads are qualified based on predefined criteria. This has improved lead management consistency and made tracking each lead’s status easier. Additionally, Bolt.Earth now has a system in place for tracking the status of each lead and ensuring timely follow-ups. This enhanced visibility into the lead pipeline enables more effective prioritization of leads based on their potential, significantly improving the organization and productivity of our lead management process.

The Result

Before implementing LeadSquared, Bolt.Earth struggled with manual lead management processes that caused inefficiencies and limited its ability to capture and convert leads effectively. After adopting LeadSquared, they saw a remarkable transformation. The automation capabilities streamlined their workflows, while comprehensive reporting provided valuable insights for data-driven decisions. The overall experience with LeadSquared has been highly positive, significantly driving business growth and operational efficiency.