How Propcrown, a Real Estate Advisory Firm, Increased Sales Efficiency by 40%

“To put it simply, LeadSquared has made all our operations a lot easier. With LeadSquared we have improved communications with potential buyers and the automations have reduced response time. It enables us to have an edge over our competitors and offer the best services to our buyers.”

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Increase in Sales


Sales Workflow


Customer Engagement


Response Rate

The real estate consultancy loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Improves lead capture and validation
  • Simplifies lead management
  • Is easy to use
  • Automates manual tasks

Increase in Sales Productivity


Lead Management


Customer Engagement


Response Rate

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About Propcrown

Propcrown Global, a real estate boutique brokerage and advisory firm based in Gurugram, helps clients make the right decision. With a consultative approach, they guide the buyers by shortlisting properties according to their requirements. Propcrown deals with properties in Gurugram and Dubai. They aim to keep the whole process of purchasing real estate properties entirely transparent.

While starting up Propcrown, the team realised that the buyers don’t always have access to all the information about the properties. So, they guide their prospects by sharing all the details on pricing, documentation, and the developer’s track record.

The need for a change 

Initially, all the processes at Propcrown were being documented on excel sheets. Right from the lead details to reports and analytics. The team realised that this process worked out for small teams but as the team size increased, keeping a tab on each salesperson’s tasks proved to be a hassle.

Propcrown also aimed at building concrete long term relationships with all their buyers. But sending out communications manually would take up a lot of time and effort. At the same time, nurturing leads is extremely important for real estate businesses owing to the long customer lifecycle.

The company’s goal is to cater to pan-Indian buyers and extend their services to many other countries in the future. They needed to get these roadblocks—lead management and lack of effective engagement—out of their way to meet their targets.


1. Frequent drop-offs

Propcrown lacked segementation and multiple channels for proper customer engagement, which is necessary for high conversions in the real estate businesses.

2. Manual and high-effort lead management

High lead leakage owing to manual and slow lead capture and distribution. Leads flowed in from multiple capture points and tracking was complicated.

3. Slow response rate

Propcrown was losing potential customers to competitors because of missed follow-ups and slow responses.

To overcome these challenges, Propcrown decided to employ a CRM. After looking into a few CRMs such as Freshsales and Sell Do, the team finally chose LeadSquared. With LeadSquared’s customisable workflows and high data storage, Propcrown found the perfect fit for their requirements.  

Here’s how Propcrown was able to improve their sales process by making use of many of LeadSquared’s features:

Effective customer engagement

The sales process in real estate lasts over 2-3 months as people visit many sites before deciding. Propcrown also needs to update the buyers on the upcoming projects that would be good for them. Maintaining excellent customer engagement also ensures that all the buyers keep Propcrown in mind as their real estate consultant.


Effective Customer Engagement

The team used to draft emails and constantly send them out to the buyers. But this was a completely manual task that took up a lot of time. LeadSquared has completely automated communications and simplified customer engagements. 

SMS and email communication can be drafted, scheduled, and easily added to the workflow. The automation ensures that the buyer is instantly nurtured at every stage—welcome emails, follow-ups, and updates. Automated emails also provide that Propcrown is always on the top of their buyer’s minds.

“For a business that’s starting up, there’s not enough manpower to code an HTML email and send it out manually. LeadSquared’s drag and drop editor and templates make everything easy the emails are now ready to go within 5-6 mins.”

Improved Sales Workflow

The sales cycle on Excel sheets went completely haywire when the number of leads increased. Many codes and conditions needed to be added to keep everything in order. But it would still not update salespeople in real-time or allow them to analyse the data correctly.

This completely changed when they got LeadSquared onboard. Each stage in the sales process—lead collection, distribution, customer engagement, and analysis—was optimised. Now, the leads from various sources, like Facebook and Google AdWords, directly get added to the platform using connectors. Over time, as the site visits increase, the landing pages help capture and simultaneously validate the leads to store the right information.


Improved Sales Workflow

Faster response rate

Salespeople were losing their bandwidth when leads were added manually to the system. The entire process of going to the source, downloading the leads, and then finally contacting them was slow and inefficient.


Faster Response Rate

The LeadSquared CRM helped bring this process, which took almost a day, down to just a few minutes. Once the lead gets added, using LeadSquared’s connectors, the salesperson receives a notification. Five minutes after the enquiry is made, the buyer is contacted, and the consultancy process begins. 

The faster response time increases the buyer’s belief that their query is being looked at on high priority. It also ensures that Propcrown beats their competition by reaching out to the leads first.

The result 

By setting up the right processes and optimising them with LeadSquared’s features, Propcrown has increased their overall conversions. Their sales efficiency is up, and they’ve seen a significant improvement in customer engagement. Propcrown feels like they can expand into new regions and grow their business faster.

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