Trusted by over 1000 brands, is a popular CRM choice in the real estate industry. Developed by Amura Technologies, is a cloud-based CRM solution best known for its sales process automation and user-friendly interface. 

Despite its merits, Sell.Do has drawn criticism for potential challenges with its cost structure and reported issues with customer support, raising concerns among users. 

Choosing the right CRM is pivotal. It’s not merely about finding a substitute but discovering a tailored solution that resonates with your unique demands. 

Whether it’s seamless lead management, robust reporting capabilities, or enhanced user experience, the right CRM empowers professionals to excel. 

And so, this article will give you 6 alternatives to explore and find the one that caters your unique real estate needs.

Top 6 Alternatives in 2024 Alternatives for 2024 

1. LeadSquared

LeadSquared is a dynamic CRM platform designed to streamline sales and marketing processes. 

LeadSquared’s Real Estate CRM specifically focuses on efficient property management, lead nurturing, and transaction tracking. 

With a user-friendly interface and robust automations, it is an ideal choice for developers, builders, brokers, and PropTechs alike. 


  • Intuitive UI and ease of use 
  • End-to-end visibility into lead activity 
  • Out-of-the-box integrations 
  • Custom automations 
  • Automated inventory management 
  • Efficient field agent management 
  • Powerful Mobile CRM 


  • Initial learning may be required due to its rich feature set 
  • Complex integrations may need extra setup time 
  • Extensive customization might be overwhelming for some users 

LeadSquared solves crucial use cases and helps clients achieve faster inquiry response times, healthy pipeline of potential buyers, better inquiry-to-deal ratios, and higher agent productivity. 

You can further explore LeadSquared’s Real Estate CRM here-

Why LeadSquared is a better alternative to 

  • Enhanced property management: LeadSquared’s Real Estate CRM focuses on efficient property management, lead nurturing, and transaction tracking. This specialized focus provides real estate professionals with more tailored tools for managing their properties compared to a more generalized CRM  
  • Out-of-the-box integrations: LeadSquared offers out-of-the-box integrations, providing users with seamless connectivity to various tools. This contributes to a more integrated and streamlined workflow, addressing potential concerns related to integration challenges with 


LeadSquared offers competitive pricing and is cost-effective in comparison to 

Essentially, they offer 3 plans: 

  • Lite – $25 per user/month 
  • Pro – $50 per user/month 
  • Super – $100 per user/month 

2. LionDesk 

LionDesk is a real estate-focused CRM platform.  

It offers tools primarily for contact and lead management, email campaigns, and transaction tracking. 

LionDesk helps real-estate professionals streamline their workflows and enhance communication with clients and prospects. 

sell do alternative- liondesk


  • Efficient texting feature and user-friendly interface on both desktop and mobile platforms 
  • Preloaded and well-formatted automated email drip functionality 
  • LionDesk offers a robust set of features at a competitive price, catering to the diverse needs of busy real-estate professionals. 
  • The availability of tutorials makes it easy for users to learn and leverage the platform’s capabilities. 


  • Users have expressed frustration with unresponsive support channels, impacting problem resolution. 
  • Glitches and system malfunctions hinder smooth navigation and lead contacts. 
  • Reviews highlight problems with syncing to Gmail and difficulties in importing transactions, hindering smooth connectivity. 

Why LionDesk is a better alternative to 

  • User-friendly interface and efficient texting: LionDesk’s emphasis on a user-friendly interface and efficient texting features makes it an attractive alternative for those who value simplicity and effective communication. This addresses potential concerns about technical challenges and glitches in, offering a smoother user experience. 
  • Competitive pricing: LionDesk’s competitive pricing, coupled with a robust feature set, positions it as an appealing alternative for those concerned about’s cost structure. It provides value for money without compromising on essential functionalities. 


LionDesk offers 2 plans: 

  • CRM-$25 per user/month 
  • CRM Premier-$83 per user/month 

3. Paramantra 

Paramantra is a versatile cloud-based CRM solution that caters to enterprises across 30 industries, offering robust management of sales, marketing, and service processes. In the realm of real estate, Paramantra is known for its streamlined management solutions, offering automation, integrated communications, and impactful insights through AI analytics. 

sell do alternative- paramantra


  • Improved enquiry conversions 
  • Streamlined annuity management 
  • AI-driven forecasting 
  • Extensive functionality 
  • Mobile accessibility 
  • Comprehensive task tracking 


  • Initial setup and training may require extra effort for users to fully utilize the CRM. 
  • Integrating with existing systems can pose some technical challenges. 
  • Advanced features, like AI-driven forecasting, contribute to higher costs, especially for smaller businesses. 

Why Paramantra is a better alternative to 

  • Tailored solutions: Paramantra’s custom pricing and tailored solutions for property listing management make it an attractive choice for businesses with specific and unique real estate needs. This customization addresses potential concerns about’s one-size-fits-all approach. 
  • AI-driven forecasting: The AI-driven forecasting in Paramantra provides a data-driven approach to decision-making, potentially offering more advanced analytics compared to This proves advantageous for businesses looking for more sophisticated insights into their real estate operations. 


While looking for a real estate CRM, consider these 2 points: 

  • 2-way communication in real time between field agents and back-end team is crucial to ensure a smooth sales process.  Double check whether the real estate CRM supports such collaboration. 
  • Avoid tiffs over commissions with channel partners with a CRM that provides end-to-end lead activity tracking. 
– Jagruti Bhargav, Lead Vertical Marketing, LeadSquared

4. Propertybase 

Propertybase is a robust real estate platform, powered by Lone Wolf Technologies. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including CRM, back office, lead generation, marketing, and IDX-enabled websites. 

Propertybase strives to simplify the real estate journey from exploration to successful transactions, meeting the industry’s needs through integrated solutions. 

sell do alternative- propertybase


  • Seamless integration with customizable permissions 
  • Efficient back-office transaction management 
  • Commended for effective sales strategy 
  • User-friendly platform for quick modifications 
  • Streamlined collaboration enhancing overall efficiency 


  • Users without Salesforce coding experience may find Propertybase navigation challenging. 
  • Limited customization options may hinder integration with other programs and CRM tools. 
  • Support system limitations such as communication issues and delayed responses may sometimes impact issue resolution. 

Why Propertybase is a better alternative to 

  • Seamless integration and customizable permissions: Propertybase’s seamless integration and customizable permissions can address concerns about integration issues with This ensures that real estate professionals have a more tailored and connected experience. 
  • Effective sales strategy: Propertybase’s effectiveness in sales strategy aligns with the core needs of real estate professionals, potentially offering a more strategic approach to sales compared to This contributes to better lead conversion and overall sales performance. 


Propertybase offers 2 plans: 

  • Company-$69 per user/month 
  • Enterprise- $89 per user/month 

5. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a versatile business management platform that includes robust CRM capabilities for real estate professionals. 

It offers tools for lead management, deal tracking, collaborative communication, and automation, providing a comprehensive solution for real estate workflows. 

sell do alternative- Bitrix24


  • Customizable workflows 
  • Integrated communication hub 
  • Centralized document sharing 
  • Real-time collaboration 
  • Mobile accessibility 


  • Users highlight difficulties in navigating a learning curve, particularly for those lacking robust project management skills, especially in areas such as task coordination and timeline management. 
  • Bitrix24 is considered more expensive than similar software options, particularly when opting for paid plans. 
  • While the mobile app is convenient, it lacks some features present in the web version, impacting functionality on the go. 
  • Free edition users note limited customer support. 

Why Bitrix24 is a better alternative to 

  • Versatility in workflows: Bitrix24’s versatility in customizable workflows makes it an appealing alternative for businesses with unique real estate processes. This addresses concerns about’s standardized workflows and lack of flexibility. 
  • Integrated communication hub: Bitrix24’s integrated communication hub addresses concerns about’s reported issues with customer support. The centralized communication approach leads to improved support and quick issue resolution. 


Bitrix24 offers both free and paid plans. The details are as follows: 

  • Free- $0 per user/month 
  • Basic- $61 per org/month. This plan includes 5 users. 
  • Standard- $124 per org/month. This plan includes 50 users. 
  • Professional- $249 per org/month. This plan includes 100 users. 
  • Enterprise- $499 per org/month. This plan includes 250 users. 
  • For $9,999 per org/month, 10,000 users can be included. 

6. Follow Up Boss 

Follow Up Boss is a real estate CRM designed to streamline processes, improve engagement, and provide visibility into real estate activities. 

It is a stand-alone CRM i.e. it operates without a bundled website. It connects with websites, and other lead-generation platforms. It excels with automated follow-up capabilities, seamlessly connecting with various lead generation platforms and integrations. 

sell do alternative- followupboss


  • Quick and responsive support  
  • Seamless Google integration and automated communication features 
  • Mobile accessibility 
  • Learning resources and thriving community 
  • Transparency regarding updates and processes 


  • Inconsistencies in alerts, occasionally lead to missed communication from clients. 
  • Transitions to larger brokerages can bring integration challenges, particularly in sharing contacts and ensuring information visibility. 

Why Follow Up Boss is a better alternative to 

  • Automated follow-ups and lead distribution: Follow Up Boss excels in automated follow-ups and lead distribution, addressing concerns about’s reported issues with lead management. This results in more efficient lead nurturing and improved engagement. 
  • Responsive support and community: Follow Up Boss’s responsive support and thriving community can address concerns about’s customer support challenges. Real estate professionals using Follow Up Boss can benefit from a more supportive and engaged user community. 


Follow Up Boss offers 4 pricing plans, namely: 

  • Grow-$57 per user/month 
  • Pro- $416 per month for 10 users. Additional users can be included for $49/month. 
  • Platform-$833 per month for 30 users. Additional users can be included for $20/month. 


While Sell.Do provides a comprehensive solution for real estate CRM, it’s essential to address the challenges specific to your business. 

If you find yourself navigating hurdles with your current CRM, consider exploring solutions like LeadSquared. 

With its dedicated focus on simplifying property management and lead nurturing, LeadSquared offers a user-friendly, no-code interface and flexible pricing plans tailored to diverse business needs. 

With its efficient automation, powerful mobile CRM and 360-degree visibility into buyer’s journey, LeadSquared can elevate your real estate business to new heights. 

Ready to explore the potential of LeadSquared’s real estate CRM and discover how it aligns with your unique requirements? 


1. Is LeadSquared suitable for small real estate businesses? 

LeadSquared is designed to be scalable and adaptable, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes, including small and large real estate enterprises. 

2. Who is the better alternative of 

LeadSquared, Propertybase and Paramantra are some of’s alternatives. 

3. What are some cost-effective alternatives of Sell.Do? 

Bitrix24, LeadSquared, Follow Up Boss and Propertybase provide cost-effective plans. 

4. What CRM mobile app is best suited for field agents in real estate?

LeadSquared provides a robust mobile CRM, allowing real estate field agents to effortlessly conduct site visits, manage leads remotely, and stay updated on property information. It’s designed to naturally enhance efficiency in the day-to-day tasks of real estate professionals. 

Want to see LeadSquared in action?