How the E-learning Platform Doubled the Demo Rate to 60% With the Help of LeadSquared

“In 6 months of using LeadSquared, the (demo) number has doubled to 60%. This is mainly because of improved sales follow-ups (owing to tasks and notifications).” 

How the E-learning Platform Doubled the Demo Rate To 60%

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Increase in demo rates


Lead Tracking


Sales efficiency


Lead distribution

Loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Helps them track student journey
  • Makes follow-ups efficient
  • Provides reports that help them strategize sales and marketing operations
  • Automates sales workflows

Increase in demo rates


Lead Tracking


Lead distribution


Sales efficiency

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Incorporated in 2018, this online tutoring platform provides convenient learning with Online Live Interactive Classes for IIT JEE Mains & Advanced, & NEET. They provide affordable home tuition in any subject, anytime, anywhere. They also have an instant booking feature that ensures seamless connectivity with teaching professionals.

Their biggest advantage is small batches of 20-students per class, ensuring personalized attention for every student, educators from IITs, and live doubt clearing sessions. Students can also take weekly tests at their convenience, practice assignments, check solutions in live classes, and more. They currently have close to 3,000 students.

What Drove the Change?

Not very long ago, the e-learning platform was using a legacy system built in-house to manage their sales operations. However, with growing demand, their demo conversion tracking, lead management, and student engagement were getting increasingly difficult. Consequently, conversion rates were low as well. This was when the team decided to look out for a more efficient CRM solution.

Prior to LeadSquared, processes were manual. Due to lack of tracking, only 30-40% of students would attend demos translating to only 3% conversions. In 6 months of using LeadSquared, the number has doubled to 60% (a 100% increase in demo rates). This is mainly because of improved sales follow-ups (owing to tasks and notifications).

The Challenges that drove the company to find a more efficient solution:

1.Low inquiry to demo numbers
2.Low online class attendance
3.Inefficient student follow-up process
4.Lack of personalized nudges to take critical actions
5.Low to no visibility of marketing and sales ROI
6.Lack of tech integrations

The pandemic opened up several opportunity windows for the EdTech institutes. With the world going online for their learning and development needs, this e-learning platform had aggressive growth plans and these issues were a major roadblock.

LeadSquared Solutions

The e-learning platform has been functional for the past four years, but the classes have been made accessible to the public only for the last two of them. They spent their initial days preparing high-quality content and platform. Once that was done, they wanted to scale up their business. Here is where LeadSquared helped.

1. Lead Capture Automation:

“Lead capture automation is simplified with LeadSquared. We collect leads from various sources by redirecting them to landing pages or website forms. It is then automatically distributed among sales agents based on multiple criteria. The automation has made reaching out to prospective students faster,” says the CEO.

The e-learning platform recieves student inquiries from multiple channels. They capture leads from social media campaigns – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube discovery campaigns, Google search campaigns, their website landing pages, leads through inbound phone calls, chat apps, and more. Given the number of inquiries on a daily basis, they wanted to consolidate these leads onto a platform without any leakage.

Here is where Leadsquared’s bulk lead capture APIs help the company build a repository of student inquiries.

2. Automated Lead Distribution:

Automated Lead Distribution with the help of LeadSquared

“In a fast-paced sector such as EdTech, It is very important to increase sales efficiency. Our sales counselors make 120 calls a day. It is important to know the disposition of each call and set follow-up tasks corresponding to them. With LeadSquared, this has been made possible,” says the CEO.

The edtech company wanted to reduce the student turn-around time as much as possible. In LeadSquared they have defined a dynamic distribution logic among their telesales team and field counseling team. As soon as a lead enters the system, they have a real-time logic-based lead distribution process set up.

The system maps the student inquiry and sales rep’s attributes, such as:

  • City-based distribution
  • Sign-up URL
  • Source campaigns
  • Student attributes such as class of interest, language, etc.
  • Agent attributes such as seniority, language, subject knowledge, etc.

With LeadSquared, they created automated workflows for lead distribution and defined distribution logic based on their business dynamics.

3. Student Journey Tracking:

Tracking the journey of students on the platform

The e-learning platform has designed several landing pages using LeadSquared’s drag-and-drop builder, and the student journey begins as soon as a student inquiry is captured there. Sales counselors from the company are now able to track student journeys and activities and initiate relevant communication through LeadSquared. For example, as soon as a prospective student lands on a webpage or clicks a relevant link on the website, sales agents can send targeted content and engage with students.

Multi-channel Communication:

Multi-channel communication

As discussed above, LeadSquared automates communication with students whenever there is an important lead activity (email link click, webinar attended, etc.). Based on lead priority and sales readiness, targeted and personalized SMSes, emails, or WhatsApp messages are sent to the students. These automated nudges helped Tutoroot get higher conversion rates.

4. Sales Automation:

sales automation workflow builder

Based on the student actions, the team automates processes such as demo scheduling or follow-up calls. LeadSquared CRM helps create automated sales workflows across several touchpoints as and when a lead moves down the sales funnel. LeadSquared helps to maintain an efficient sales process right from the time a student inquiry is captured to when the student subscribes for the paid course. Students can also schedule online classes and demos with the help of LeadSquared.

5. Robust Reporting-Capabilities:

Robust Reporting-Capabilities

“Reports that can be generated from LeadSquared are immense and give a clear-cut idea of what happens in your organization. Sitting in a manager’s chair, I can get a microscopic view of the number of sales for a particular time range, the number of calls made, how many demos scheduled, and much more,” says the CEO.

As a growing EdTech startup envisioning rapid expansion plans, the learning platform wanted to have the flexibility to experiment with its processes and discover the best marketing and sales ROAS.

Plus, timing is everything when it comes to high-velocity sales, and missing out on follow-ups is quite common. With LeadSquared, the company is now able to experiment fast and track the performance of all its campaigns easily; follow-ups are also tracked well.

The email and call reports help managers to monitor the number of calls made and emails sent by each rep. Tracking daily sales activities—such as calls made, emails sent, and, follow-ups missed—helps them better understand their closures, pipelines, and revenue.

In case the lead is not worked upon, it is reassigned to another sales agent in a round-robin manner. It ensures no missed follow-ups and boosts student acquisition rates. The reporting feature helps the team optimize and strategize their sales and marketing campaigns. They can figure out the best sources of lead generation and distribute their budgets accordingly.

“Social Media Marketing can get costly for early-stage start-ups. If we spend Rs 1500/- per lead generated, it is important to track the lead source, background, and disposition. The entire lead journey is vital. LeadSquared helps us track the ROI on marketing spends and is giving us real insight to make actionable decisions,” says the CEO.

The Results

“Based on extensive research, it was either SFDC or LeadSquared and that’s when we thought if all the leading Edtechs are choosing LeadSquared, there is something different, and we are not disappointed. LeadSquared has a plug-in with all the processes, teams, and systems making it easier to communicate. The integrations were quite helpful in reducing silos, and our sales executives find it easy to navigate through the system. The usability is straightforward, and even if it gets a little unclear, account managers from LeadSquared’s team get things going. The team lets us know what is to be done next. Their service is prompt and is a click-to-call away. If you are an EdTech, I would highly recommend using LeadSquared.”

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