Zuci System drives more Leads with LeadSquared Marketing Automation

LeadSquared is a powerful tool that integrates marketing, sales, and lead management seamlessly. We consider LeadSquared as one of our most highly valued and appreciated vendor.”

10x your sales productivity with LeadSquared.

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Lead generation


Cost per lead

Zuci System loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Shortens the sales cycle
  • Reduces the market entry cost
  • Lowers the cost of sales

Lead generation


Cost per lead

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Zuci Systems, headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is working to transform the way software platforms are engineered with their AI & deep learning models.

Known for delivering superior customer experience, business efficiency, and actionable insights, Zuci Systems is developing technology with a nimble and collaborative approach. They serve global verticals with a major focus on Fintech, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing.

The search for an all-in-one marketing tool

1. Choosing the right Marketing Automation software

Zuci Systems used a variety of platforms to manage its marketing campaigns prior to LeadSquared. But using tools completely disconnected from their internal systems made it difficult for the team to analyze the campaign performance and track its ROI.

While evaluating tools to improve their marketing activities and align them with sales, they came across LeadSquared. Ammu Subramani, Assistant Manager- Marketing says, “We were looking for software to help our marketing channels and also connect the sales and marketing silos. We evaluated quite a few platforms but LeadSquared fit perfectly to our requirements.”
The company replaced its legacy systems with LeadSquared. It helped them gain critical insights into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and improve overall performance.

2. Creating the right strategy

The major customer generation source for Zuci Systems is their marketing channels. But they realized that investing on those channels without tracking the results won’t work in the long run. They wanted something to help them track the performance of each channel and reallocate budgets accordingly.

The marketing team also aimed at receiving more qualified leads, distributing them automatically to salespeople, and tracking the lead journey. LeadSquared enabled them to more tightly integrate and automate their lead generation and nurturing efforts, plus enabled them to track the performance of channels.

3. Ensuring better collaboration between marketing automation and sales enablement

There is no doubt in the fact that when Sales and Marketing work together, companies see substantial improvement in important performance metrics:

a) Sales cycles are shorter,

b) Market-entry costs go down, and

c) The cost of sales is lower.

Ensuring this collaboration, and creating a consistent narrative across their buyer’s journey was key for Zuci Systems.

Let’s look at the process. Once a lead fills out a submission form and is automatically synced to their LeadSquared CRM, Zuci Systems uses LeadSquared’s marketing automation tool to send users a dynamic follow-up email. To engage the prospective customers at various stages in the customer journey, drip marketing is used. Ammu adds, “After the email campaign, another important feature is click to open rate. It helps us in analyzing how effective our campaign has been, which gives us inputs for improvement.”

Marketing Automation- Campaign Performance Tracking

Once they have their prospects engaged, the lead is then distributed to the sales team. Leads are categorized as hot or cold based on their engagement with the campaigns. Accordingly, the sales rep follows up on the lead and changes the lead stage manually or automatically (based on lead or salesperson’s activity). LeadSquared’s lead scoring and campaign reporting tools help measure the quality of the leads simultaneously. Hence, teams can take required steps to close the deal.

LeadSquared’s sales enablement software empowered the marketers at Zuci Systems with details about how the sales team uses their content, and when combined with CRM software, it provides direct insight into what content helped close the deals. Marketers started to see how the sales team and customers interacted with that content, leading to the creation of more content that actually worked.

“We have been using LeadSquared CRM and Marketing Automation for years and it serves very well. The product is much more robust than other tools, and the technical and customer support they provide is excellent. LeadSquared is a powerful tool that integrates marketing, sales, and lead management seamlessly. We consider LeadSquared as one of our most highly valued and appreciated vendor.”

Driving Revenue and Retaining Clients

After implementing a journey based marketing strategy in LeadSquared, Zuci Systems was able to generate 10X more leads than their previous campaigns. More importantly, they could generate leads at scale – decreasing the cost per lead. Zuci Systems attribute their success to the insights they received from LeadSquared’s reporting tools and the advanced targeting and segmentation options. The response and sales revenue has only gone up since then.

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