Drip Marketing Guide

In every marketing-related networking event you attended in the past couple of years, you would have heard “marketing automation” “drip marketing” “trigger-based emails” or other such variants pop into conversations very frequently.

It’s heartening to see. However, as I dig deeper, I generally find that while most businesses are aware of it, and understand the importance, not many people are actually using it.

So, it’s the marketing equivalent of classics – everyone thinks they’re great, nobody has actually read the books.

The following study from Ascend2 also backs this observation. Of the businesses surveyed by them, only about 42%
are using marketing automation.

This survey was based on a small sample of professionals worldwide. However, we can safely assume that the numbers are equivalent or lower than this data set.

Also, strangely enough, some folks think that drip marketing campaigns and email campaigns are one and the same, thus using their marketing automation software only to send out emails, which is a huge underutilization.

I understand that it might be overwhelming for people to start using their marketing automation systems for drip marketing campaigns, and that’s the reason I wrote this drip marketing guide.

Why should you read this guide?

Because, I have tried to explain some complex concepts in an easy way. Because, I have realized how much performance difference exists between normal email marketing campaigns and drip marketing campaigns. I have also shared examples of some really nicely done drip marketing campaigns, which could inspire you to create your own drip workflows well.

So, let’s get started.

List of chapters 

What is Drip Marketing?

Benefits of Running Drip Marketing Campaigns

Examples of Some Good Drip Marketing Campaigns

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Drip marketing is still something many marketers struggle with. Now that I have experimented with them a bit, I thought that it’d be nice to discuss what I have learned with fellow marketers. And, that’s why I started writing this guide. Hope you’ll find it useful.