LeadSquared for Knowledge Services

A complete solution to capture, engage and convert leads



Marketing tools to run end-to-end student recruitment campaigns



Sales tools to build an efficient admissions team & cut redundant tasks



A complete picture of your marketing & admission team’s performance

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Using Excel sheets/ nothing?

Excel sheets causes you more losses than you know starting from lead leakage, missed followups and a disconnect between admission and recruitment teams.

Frustrated by existing system?

Life of an Admission officer / Recruiter is tough. We realize that and you will find the difference when you start using LeadSquared.

Integrate with Salesforce

Integrate LeadSquared marketing Automation with Salesforce CRM. Create workflows and push data into Salesforce with a click of a button

Hubspot alternative

Integrate LeadSquared CRM and Marketing Automation with Ellucian Banner, Colleague or Powercampus.

Using mailchimp?

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