Reduce Your Response Time with Landing Page Autoresponder

Send instant notification to a lead, marketer and a salesperson on a landing page submission

landing page autoresponder

What is Landing Page Autoresponder?

Landing page autoresponder means an automatic response when a lead submits a form on a landing page. The response could be an email message, text message, thank you popup or a document download

Features of Landing Page Autoresponder

Lead notification

Send an instant message, email or text in reply to a landing page submission. Assign scores on landing page submission, autoresponder open, click and more.

Marketer notification

Notify marketer about the landing page submission. Send daily, weekly or monthly landing page submission and autoresponder summary.

Sales person notification

Notify sales person on email and mobile about landing page submission. Automatically route lead to relevant sales person based on zip code, interest or any other criteria

Personalize your landing page autoresponder with mail merge fields

landing page autoresponder personalization

AdWords conversions increased by 50%

“Just one small change bumped up our AdWords conversions by 50% – relevant landing pages. We have created over 30 landing pages for our different ad campaigns to achieve this. It has also helped in effective budget reallocation, because we can easily identify the best campaigns.”


Easily create Landing pages and autoresponders. No coding required