Landing Page Guide

Landing Page Guide: Convert Like A Pro

Landing pages are, without a doubt, one of the most discussed topics in the world of marketing and conversion optimization. Sadly, they are often misinterpreted and businesses end up spending countless hours and money on landing pages that do not convert.

Like everything else, it takes time to understand how a landing page works, and subsequently, to perfect the art of conversion. In this guide, I will tell you why it takes more than just the look-and-feel of the page to get people to fill the form + the hidden forces that convince the people to convert.

Why should you read this guide

Because it is filled with real world learning and examples. In this guide, I have shared practical knowledge gained over last four years by creating  200+ landing pages for various industries. Whether you are new to landing pages, an intermediate or a conversion optimization pro, this guide has something for everyone.

List of chapters 

What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page Optimization: A Secret Formula

Examples of HIgh Converting Landing Pages

Landing Pages were overwhelmingly confusing for me when I first started learning about them. This is my attempt to make it a little easier for you to understand the power of landing pages and why they should always be used while running ads or promotions. Hopefully, after reading this you will convert like a pro.

Rajat Arora, VP - Sales & Marketing, LeadSquared