Lead Generation guide

Lead Generation Guide

6000 years ago, Mesopotamian tribe invented a way to trade goods and services by exchanging tea, spices, food, weapons and even human skulls. This was later termed barter system. Money did not exist then. But even after money was born, barter system didn’t die off. You can still see young children exchange Pokemon cards; goods swapping website are on a rise, and some communities in Spain and Greece still practice barter system. It is alive, well and truly in existence.

If you look closely, lead generation is very similar to barter, where people exchange their contact information for something valuable like an eBook, a consultation, discount coupons or a webinar. The only difference is that sharing contact information isn’t exactly like parting with your chicken, and getting an e-book isn’t as valuable as getting wood. But, it still is trade. 

In this lead generation guide, I will try to explain the various aspects of lead generation, the different possible channels, and how we managed to generate three times the leads compared to last year. Here it goes.

List of chapters 

What is a lead?

Difference between lead and contact

How to master lead generation

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