Note: If you are not looking for simple free plugins, but complete paid Landing Page Platforms instead, then this is the blog post for you. 

Making a landing page is a tough job. You’ve got to make it look good, you’ve got to make it sound convincing, you’ve got to do a whole lot more.

Here’s how you can perfect your landing pages! 

To make the task more difficult, landing page builders are either costly and smooth, or free and clunky. But WordPress, as we know, is all kinds of awesome, and comes to the save yet again!


WordPress landing Page Plugins

WordPress Landing Pages are the best bet for any marketer looking to make great landing pages on a light budget.

Call them what you will – squeeze pages, landing pages or lead capture pages, the purpose that they serve is to drive the visitors to one specific action. This action can be to fill a form, make a purchase, or something of the sort.

There are quite a few free WordPress landing page plugins, that you can use for lead capture. Let us discuss a few here. To make it simple, let’s classify these WordPress Landing page plugins into 3 broad categories: Form Plugins, Landing Page Plugins and Coming Soon Plugins.

Form Plugins

These plugins allow you to create simple forms for collecting leads. Even though it is not possible to create a complete landing page using these plugins, I will discuss them briefly, because many WordPress landing page plugins that would follow, need either of these installed to create a form.

1. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is my favorite form plugin, but because free WordPress landing page plugins is what we are discussing here, let us not get too much into its details (it’s a premium plugin).

Let us just say that it allows you to create any number of forms, on one site (or multiple sites, depending on your chosen subscription), and stores the database in your WP site, or in the CRM of your choice (with paid add-ons, of course).

2. Contact Form 7:


Contact Form 7 is pretty simple to use. This is how you can use it to create forms for lead capture. To allow the leads to be stored in your WP system, you need to install and activate Contact Form DB plugin. You can create a form using Contact Form 7, and insert it anywhere (on posts, pages and widget areas) using the form short-code. It can be used alone or with any WordPress Landing Page plugin for lead capture.


WordPress Landing Page Plugins - Contact Form 7 prosIt is free.
WordPress Landing Page Plugins - CF7 prosAllows you to create unlimited forms on the site where it is installed, and insert them using short-codes.
ProsAllows you multiple post-submission actions, for instance, you can redirect leads to a custom url after form submission.
ProsAllows you to store the leads in your WP database using another plugin, called Contact Form DB.
ProsYou can send notifications to the marketer, on lead capture.
ProsYou can send auto-responses to the lead.
ProsYou can create a simple form, and place it in the widget section. It would then appear wherever you want it to, for instance,  in the sidebar.
WordPress landing Page plugins - Contact Form 7 ProsAllows you to create Hidden Fields using an additional plugin called Contact Form 7 Modules. This would allow you to prepopulate the form with the url of the page on which it is placed, and find out from which landing page the lead is captured.


WordPress Landing Page plugins for lead capture - CF7 consAs the leads are stored in WordPress, they might slow your system down.
WordPress Landing Page Plugins - CF7 consYou cannot do much about the appearance of the form.
You cannot create a complete landing page, without using some other WordPress Landing Page plugin, or some extra effort.
You cannot track the source of the leads (Social, Organic etc.). However if you are using the form for a specific campaign, then you can create a Hidden Field, prepopulated with the name of the campaign.

 3. Easy Sign Up form


It is in the line with Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7.


ProsIt is pretty simple to setup and use.
ProsYou can send notifications to the marketer (you can predefine the email ID in the settings).
ProsYou can send auto-responses to the leads
ProsYou can redirect the lead to a particular url after he fills the form.


You can create only one form, which you would then insert in multiple posts or pages.
The leads generated are sent to a predefined email ID of your choice. The leads are not collected anywhere in the system directly.

Okay, these were the plugins that you can use to create forms for your landing pages. Let us start with the actual WordPress Landing Page plugins now, shall we!

Landing Page Plugins

4. WP Landing Pages

WordPress landing pages - free WP Landing pages plugin

You would need a form plugin to get this WordPress Landing page plugin to work. I have used CF7 plugin, and CF7 DB plugin, on one of our test sites. The former would help you create forms to capture leads, and the latter would help you store them.

After creating a form, all you have to do is copy the form short-code. You will need it later while creating the landing page. Here’s how you can do it:

Okay, First, let us start with the pros.


ProsThis WordPress landing page plugin is easy to set up and free
ProsThere are a dozen themes (give or take); however, the templates (other than Theme Integrated Templates) have quite a few bugs.
ProsGood support. Even though there are bugs in the templates, I have read many reviews of the plugin, and they are quite reassuring that the template bugs would not be a problem, because of the great support. (WP shows that 22 of 35 threads have been solved in the past 2 months, which is more than I can say for many other plugins)
ProsYou can create unlimited landing pages.
ProsSplit Test option available, which (if functional) would allow the users to see the conversation rate/bounces etc. of a group of landing pages. I haven’t been able to use it yet.
ProsThere is an option to track the conversions of a particular landing page. On my trial landing page it doesn’t seem to be working though; I will keep you updated about it.
ProsMany paid and free add-ons are available. Paid extensions include GotoWebinar Integration etc. whereas free ones include some additional responsive templates, video templates etc.
ProsYou can send notifications to the marketer if a new lead is captured (this is a feature of Contact Form 7)
WordPress Landing Page plugin - ProsSimple auto-responses to the leads can be sent as well (this once again is a feature of Contact Form 7). The default sender name appears as ‘WordPress’ but you can change the settings to it.
ProsWith a snippet of code, you can set various post submission actions as well, like redirecting the lead to a url etc.


Templates have bugs; however, with the support this shouldn’t be a problem.
The leads would be stored in the WP system, thus weighing the system down. If you are ready to pay for a good Plugin, you can buy the Gravity Forms and Gravity to Zoho integration plugins. There is a Gravity extension available for WP Landing Pages. The leads would then directly go to your CRM system. Once again, the downside is that you will have to pay for a Zoho Subscription, in addition to the plugins you just bought.
You cannot track the source of your landing pages (you would not know where exactly are the visitors landing from).
No matter what you want to do with your leads, you’ll have the extra work of exporting them from WordPress, and import them to whatever tool you are using (for email marketing, or just lead management). This can be a bit taxing, because marketers always have a lot on their hands anyway.

 5. WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator

I could not get the free version to work. You can try it, and let me know how it goes.

Coming Soon Plugins

6. Ultimate Coming Soon Page

WordPress Landing Page plugins - Ultimate Coming Soon Page

This plugin has a specific purpose – to create a landing page for you when your site is in construction mode. So, while in the construction mode, you can still subscribe your visitors to your blog, while the logged in users (people of your team) would still see the under-construction website. You can easily turn the Coming Soon mode ‘On’ or ‘Off’ from the admin navigation panel.

Yes, you would need it only while you are in construction mode. I have included it in the WordPress Landing Page Plugins list, because with the professional version, you can use it to create full length landing pages and contests even after your website is launched.

ProsYou can still collect the email IDs of visitors, and allow them to subscribe, while your site is in construction mode.
ProsWith the premium version, you can create full length landing pages.
ProsSeveral Data Capture Integrations are available, including MailChimp, Aweber, Gravity Forms etc. in the premium version


The free version would be useful only when your site is in construction mode.
You can only collect the Email Ids of the visitors (in the free version).

 7. Ultimate Landing Page and Coming Soon Page

Like the Ultimate Coming Soon plugin, it would allow you to create a coming soon page; however the free version has the additional functionality of creating ‘ONE’ landing page as well.


WordPress Landing Page Plugins - Ultimate Landing and Coming Soon Plugin Pros You can collect the email IDs of your visitors through FeedBurner, while in construction mode.
ProsIt allows you to create ‘ONE’ landing page as well. So, when your site is up and running, you can switch off the ‘Construction Mode’, and create a landing page instead, which you can place wherever you please.
ProsThe advanced (free) version has the additional options of creating multiple landing pages. This version would be accessible to you by signing up for free on the developer’s website.
ProsIf you are willing to buy the full version (at 39$), you would get certain additional functionalities like Integration with tools like MailChimp and Aweber, adding more than one content area, elements like a background image, logo image, SEO options etc.


No auto-responses
No notification emails to the marketer.
No customized post-submission actions
It is basically for construction mode, so the form fields are limited to only Email ID

 8. Launchpad by Obox

WordPress Landing Page plugins - Launchpad


ProsAllows you to capture leads, when your site is in construction mode


Allows you to capture leads only through feedburner.
This will be of use to you, only till your website goes live, so no use discussing any more cons.

There is in fact another free way to create WordPress landing pages, which does not require any special plugin.

9. No Plugin Way

You can, in fact, create a landing page without using anything other than your Contact Form 7, Contact Form 7 Database plugins.

  1. Take any page
  2. Strip it of all the extra attributes, like sidebar, navigation etc. You would now have a blank template.
  3. You can insert whatever content you want there, and the short-code of your Contact Form. Voila, you have a plain landing page ready.


ProsNo brainer
ProsYou can send auto responses to leads (through CF7 settings)
ProsYou can send notifications to the marketer (once again, through CF7 settings)


No customization options
You cannot track the conversions
Once again, the database is stored in the WP system.
You won’t know where the leads are coming from

There are several other options available for the purpose, but these were a few plugins that you can use. We will discuss more as we move forward. For now, tell us what WordPress landing page plugins have you used.


Google Adwords Remarketing, also known as Ad Retargeting, is a form of online advertising which runs ads across the Google Display Networks (GDN). It enables you to show ads to those users who have already visited your website or landing pages while browsing through the internet and showed some interest in your products or services. So, utilizing Remarketing strategy can dramatically Increase your Return on Investment (ROI) on your Google Adwords Campaigns.

How does Google Adwords Remarketing work?

A Remarketing Tag, which is a small snippet code available on Google Adwords, has to be added to all the site pages (even on  the landing pages). The visitors to these pages will get cookies installed in their browser. This will enable your ads to reappear to your prospects on all other sites (throughout the GDN), even after they leave your site.

Google adwords remarketing

For Instance: Imagine yourself running an online education portal. You may Create a Google Adwords campaign targeting a particular course, say ‘Diploma Courses’. Link the ad to that very page which talks about diploma courses or you can Create a landing page for the ad. You will also have to place the remarketing code or tag on this page. Now, whenever a visitor clicks on the ad and visits this page, a cookie gets placed in his/her browser. The visitor can then see your ad across a vast number of partner sites on Google Display Networks. You can do this for all your webpages and landing pages to make your ad campaigns more targeted.

Recommendation: When you create your first Remarketing Campaign on Google Adwords, begin with targeting everyone who viewed your homepage. Gradually, you can start creating super targeted campaigns.

What are the Advantages of Google Adwords Remarketing?

Target Audiences across the GDN:

 Remarketing can help you target your audiences better and increase your rate of conversion. You can customize the remarketing lists anytime to reach out to the exact bunch of leads, with specific message to be conveyed.

 Target audiences associated to particular interests and show your ads only to them. Google Adwords Remarketing also provides Custom Combination options to enable you combine multiple audience for retargeting.

 Remarketing also helps your brand gain visibility across all the partner sites on Google Display Network. You can easily follow and engage your target audiences on different sites while they browse the internet.

 Retargeting your ads make sure that your audiences remember your offer at the time of buying. Not only this, effective remarketing strategies can help you attract new prospects and bring back old customers to site.

Varieties of Creative formats:

 With Google Adwords Remarketing, you can create various types of ad formats like Text ads, Image Ads, Display ad builder, App / digital content ad, WAP mobile ad, Product listing ad and Dynamic search ad. Customize your own Banner ads and creative formats for desktops and laptops.

Google adwords remarketing banner ads

 Make your banners or ads look attractive by highlighting special offers, discounts, free trial, etc. These ads will follow your visitor everywhere across the GDN. The more targeted and attractive your ads are, the faster will it work to remind your visitor about your offer. So, you can recapture their interest and bring them back to your website to complete the sale.

Manage your Marketing Budget Better:

 In comparison to all other PPC advertisements, Google Adwords Remarketing is relatively less expensive and easier to manage. Proper optimization can reduce your remarketing cost to just 20% of all other PPC marketing investments. But, as you begin with targeting your homepage visitors, the initial cost may be high. Just because the more broader you make your campaigns, the higher will be cost. So try making your remarketing campaigns more targeted, using advanced optimization options. As you make them more targeted and optimized, the cost might gradually reduce.

 You may use Contextual Targeting for reducing the remarketing budget.

 The bidding strategies can be customized according to your marketing requirements. You can bid higher or lower for specific remarketing lists depending on its membership duration. For Example: Retargeting a visitor over the next seven days has more chance of converting in comparison to remarketing over 90 days. So bid higher on visitor who are targeted for a short duration.

Estimating upon the chances of conversion of a prospect (prospects who have added items to their shopping cart versus those who have just visited the homepage), bids can be raised or lowered from time to time. For Example: Imagine Visitor ‘A’ has signed up for the free trial of your software. The chances of conversion of this visitor is higher when compared to Visitor ‘B’ who has just visited the Homepage and left. So, bid higher for Visitor ‘A’ in comparison to Visitor ‘B’.

Thus remarketing with Google can be really helpful for E-commerce retailers and advertisers.

If you are struggling hard to make your business grow and gain visibility in the digital marketing world, then Google Adwords Remarketing can really be a powerful strategy. It has made online marketing more advanced and user-friendly. Now marketers can easily classify their prospects, design a specific marketing strategy for each of their leads and manage their PPC marketing budget more effectively. What more does a business need to make its online marketing plans successful?

Google Adwords Remarketing

Update : We’re creating industry-specific lead generation posts as a part of our new series! Check them out here :-

Real Estate  Fitness   Higher Education

Generating leads online is no easy task, and to help you with it, here are 6 top lead generation websites in India that local businesses can use to get positive leads. Apart from these, businesses in the travel and tourism sector, businesses which deal in electronic goods/computers/automobile or real estate can also use these tools to generate leads.

Lead Generation Methods

As a local business, there are myriad questions that flood you. Fret not! Getting leads via lead generation websites in India is just a call away.

I. Justdial:

Justdial is your one-stop destination local search engine or a lead generation website. It offers quick and reliable information to users via email & phone. Justdial has recently made their services available on androids, blackberry and iOS. Changing with time!

just dial 1

How it helps you get leads:

1. If you run a local business, example: coaching center/used car showroom/tours and travel etc. and want your business to be listed on this lead generation website, you can either opt for a paid advertisement or post your ad for free. However, free listings will get you less leads, while businesses which pay more will get maximum exposure.
2. Once you have posted your ad, Justdial will also share prospective clients’ contact details with you. This will enable you, as a business, to have a one-on-one conversation with your consumer.
3. Justdial’s executives keep track of the consumers who have used their services in the past. This helps this lead generation website leverage their advertising and marketing campaigns. Can’t comprehend? Well, a happy customer can post a raving review about your business or become the face of an ad, while a negative feedback can help you mend the way you function.

Know their step-by-step procedure for a better understanding. 

II. GetIt:

GetIt is a personalized Indian online yellow pages directory with a niche in local business listing of suppliers, manufacturers of products and services sectors. Their other networks include, Free Ads (Local Classifieds), Hot deals (daily deals), GetIt malls (malls directory), Tradeget (Online B2B marketplace) and GetIt Infomedia (supermarket for SMEs).

lead generation websites in india

How it helps you get leads:

1. You can call them at 044444 44444 to register your free business listing or have a talk.

2. You can list your business for free or with premium paid options.

3. GetIt online search: You can choose from one of the several online advertising options, create your own web pages and promote your business in search results.

4. GetIt now voice search: Tele-information services to help users find local business information on the go.

5. GetIt mobile search: Web based local businesses search on mobile phones. Pay only when your business has been found by customers.

6. GetIt SMS search: Allows businesses to reach out to consumers when users SMS their search query about products and services.

III. Sulekha:

Whatever your local need…start here, get it done’. This is the mantra Sulekha, a lead generation website functions on. Sulekha will help solve your prospective clients’ queries in a jiffy by integrating various mechanisms like listings, classifieds, deals, e-commerce and reviews/ratings across multiple domains.

sulekha 1

How it helps you get leads: 

1. As a local business, all you have to do is create an account and post your ad. Creating an account with this lead generation website is free. Make sure, you post your ad in the right category, else you might loose out on leads.

2. You can also use your Facebook, Twitter or Gmail ids to log  into Sulekha. This saves you the hassle of filling up a detailed form and directly connect your social networking site to your Sulekha id.

3. Once you are in, you can update your profile by opting for a paid or free listing. The better your plan, the better leads you lay your hands on.

4. If you are interested in getting a paid/premium ad for your business, do go through these FAQs:

Know their step-by-step procedure for a better understanding. 

IV. Hudku:

Literally meaning ‘search’ in Kannada, this lead generation website in India offers services with a twist. Hudku is global and not local. It eliminates the restraints of boundaries and can be accessed by anyone at any time. So, no matter which city your prospective client is trotting on around the globe, their ‘Hudku’ is a just a few clicks away.

hudku 1

How it helps you get leads: 

1. This lead generation website boasts of being able to give exact details on a global front. Example, ‘Language coaching centers, BTM Layout – 2nd Stage, Bangalore’ OR ‘Used car showrooms, HSR Layout – Sector 2, Near Petrol Pump’.  So, if your business is listed on Hudku, this is definitely an added advantage for your potential clients who are looking for exact details.

2. Hudku also lets you connect directly to the consumer by providing their contact details. This enhances engagement between the client and the business. Hudku’s services are all free. (They are self-funded as of now and are soon planning to monetize their listings.)

3. But, here’s the catch. Hudku does not have a voice call center to cater to your needs. Leads will be sent to the prospective customer who makes a query in the form of an SMS only.

Know their step-by-step procedure for a better understanding. 

V. Quikr:

Life has become so convenient these days that most people do searches online and hardly step out of the comfort of their houses. This is where Quikr, an online classifieds company and lead generation website helps. If you are listed on Quikr, potential leads can get to know about you online when they type in details. Their recent ad, “bech de, Quikrrrr” has created quite a stir, don’t you think?

simple lead generation systems

How it helps you get leads: 

1. As and when you want to advertise your business, you can do it for free on Quikr. All you have to do is create an account and fill in your details.

2. If you are not interested in meeting your leads via a lead generation website, Quikr facilitates direct lead and business contact as well.

3. You can also opt for Premium ads on Quikr that will help you surface over the lot. Premium ads are a powerful feature. Got any queries? Get them answered here:

Know their step-by-step procedure for a better understanding. 


OLX is a next gen lead generation website providing solutions to your worries anywhere across India. Design your ads on OLX with pictures and make them stand out in the crowd. Your clients can also download the OLX app on their mobiles and access your ads. Their tagline ‘Yaha Sab Kuch Bikta Hai’ which means ‘Everything Sells Here’ sure draws the attention of the public.

olx india

How it helps you get leads: 

1. Create an account, update your profile, post your ad and you are set to go.

2. If you are running a tight ship, you can get your leads through free ads without paying a penny to anyone.

3. However, you can always hit the high spots by availing their featured ads where you can pay a non-refundable sum of money to OLX, thus potentially increasing your ads’ visibility. For further details, go through their terms and conditions.

4. You can also make sure that your ad reaches the right customer through sponsored links on Google Adwords. In this, you can start an ad campaign on Google Adwords and target OLX through it. This will help your ads get better exposure via Google.

Know their step-by-step procedure for a better understanding. 

Today we need quick fixes to our snags and this is where lead generation websites in India or local searches come to the rescue.

So how do you generate your leads? Do leave a comment and share.

It has been a major concern for all small to medium business marketers to survive the ever increasing competition of generating B2B leads. In the present scenario, almost all marketers are struggling day and night to generate leads and spending lacs without a guaranteed outcome. In this case, the most common question that arises is, Where to get B2B leads, fast and free?

Though there are many Effective ways to generate free B2B leads, one of the easiest ways is to look into your own Outlook Inbox or Contacts List. Most of the business interactions happen through emails. So, all of your business contacts are there in the Inbox or Contacts folder. Just dig up those old contacts and reconnect with them at once. Who knows, you may hit success pretty quickly.

So how do you do it? The easiest way is to export contacts from Outlook, save it as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file and importing it on a Marketing Automation Software like LeadSquared. Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple. Below are the steps that will guide you to export contacts from Outlook (both 2010 and 2007 versions) as CSV files and then help you import it to LeadSquared.

Export Contacts from Outlook:

Tip 1: Before you start exporting your contacts from outlook make sure that you know where exactly the contacts are located. It may either be in your ‘Contacts folder’ or in the ‘Suggested Contacts’ folder. Move all your contacts to the ‘Contacts Folder’ or vice versa (just drag and drop the contact from one folder to another). This will help you select one particular folder while you follow step 7.

For exporting contacts from your Inbox, just follow the same steps mentioned below. But after you have finished exporting your Inbox contacts, you will have to filter the Excel list. This is to remove the duplicate contacts and email addresses and keep the unique ones. Know more on how to Filter for unique values or remove duplicate values here.

Step 1: Go to Outlook, Click on the File tab

Step 2: Click on Options

export contacts from outlook

Tip 2: Microsoft Outlook 2007, directly shows the Import and Export Wizard after the user clicks on the File Tab. The rest of the procedure to export contacts from outlook is similar for both the Outlook versions (2010 and 2007).

Step 3: Go to the Advanced settings

Step 4: Click on Export


Step 5: In the Import and Export Wizard, select the option Export to a file and then click Next

Step 6: Under the Create a file of type option, select the type of export and click Next


Tip 3: The most common type of export is CSV file type. But you also get other options like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc.

Step 7: Under Select the file to export from, select the folder you want to extract contacts from and click Next

Tip 4: Remember what I have mentioned in tip 1. Select the folder you had moved all your contacts to. Here, I have selected the contacts folder as I want to extract my contacts from the same.

So, if you want to extract contacts from your inbox, just select the Inbox folder and click Next.


Step 8: Under Save exported file as option, click Browse and select a destination folder. In the File name box, type a  name of the file

Step 9: Click OK


Step 10: In the Export to a File dialog box, click Map Custom Fields

Step 11: Click Clear Map


Step 12: Drag and drop the values from the left box (From: Microsoft office Outlook Contacts) to the right.

Tip 5: This will help you select specific fields of contacts you want. Like name,  email address, phone number, etc.

Step 13: Click Ok

Step 14: Click Finish

Now that you are done exporting your business contacts from Outlook, you can begin with your email marketing task on LeadSquared. Just import these contacts to LeadSquared and start engaging your prospective customers. Learn how to Import Contacts to LeadSquared now.

Google’s much anticipated Drive finally hit the market in 2012. With remarkable search abilities and great incorporation capabilities, Drive includes Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Google+ services. But, here’s the catch. Drive is definitely the ideal option if you are looking to get your work done using a steadfast file storage service, but to save your leads and nurture them, Drive might not be very helpful.

In continuation of our previous article, here we will discuss how the Leadsquared’s simple lead management system stands out when compared to Google Forms. We will be discussing the free trial here.

LeadSquared's simple lead management system v/s Google Forms


When a prospective customer fills in a form, you sure want to get in touch with them with a quick auto generated mail or send them a complimentary e-book, don’t you? Well, sorry to break it to you, Google Forms does not facilitate this.

Solution: With LeadSquared’s free trial, you can create landing pages with various post submission options – you can even send customized auto responses. The simple lead management system does it all! Leads are tracked automatically, the content which engages the leads are pursued and auto generated mails are sent to whoever fills the form.

No notification email:

When a form is filled, you might be able to gauge updates using Google spreadsheets real time, but each time you get a lead, you will not be notified via e-mail. Sure is a drawback right?

Solution: However, when you use the LeadSquared marketing software’s free trial, alerts are created for your sales and marketing team each time a lead is generated.

Source of the lead:

The source from where the lead generates is an important aspect. It helps the marketer identify where the leads are coming from. Google Forms does not allow you to track the source of the lead, i.e. is the lead coming from outbound call, email marketing, PPC ads, organic searches, referrals etc.

Solution: Using LeadSquared Analytics, you can not only measure and improve your marketing front; the marketing software free trial also includes locating top sources of leads. It also helps you analyze your site traffic for better keywords.

Duplicate entries: 

To keep track of people who have filled in forms multiple times using Google forms or spreadsheets; you would need to filter out the duplicates, like in Excel. But, let’s warn you! This can be a long and unwanted process.

Solution: LeadSquared’s simple lead management system lets you keep track of duplicate entries and tells you the number of unique visitors. It will also associate the first ever entry made with the duplicate one. For example, if 100 people have filled in the forms, out of which 40 are duplicates, this marketing software will show you the 60 unique leads only and also associate the 40 duplicate entries made with the original entries. 

Conversion Statistics:

When using Google forms, you cannot gauge the conversion rate. You cannot differentiate between the number of people who have seen the forms and how many have actually filled them. For example, 10 people might have viewed the forms, but only 5 may have filled it.

Solution: LeadSquared’s simple lead management system will help you analyse your conversion rates.  This feature will help you make changes in your marketing strategy with the help of the landing pages’ performance. 


Google Forms provides a memory of only 5 GB and you have to shell out money for an up gradation if you want more storage space.

Solution: Using the free trial of the LeadSquared marketing software, a business can have as many leads as they can, but interact with only 100 active leads.

Multiple users friendly: 

Documents can be shared, opened and edited by multiple users using both Google Forms and the LeadSquared software.

Here is a table to summarize things for you:

Simple Lead Management Systems – Google Forms v/s LeadSquared Free Trial


Google Forms


Landing Pages

Ability to design pages & find out conversion stats

Lead Scoring

Lead Tracking


Email Campaigns

Create forms to Capture Leads


Store Leads




Notification Emails


Lead Source Tracking


Manage Duplicate Entries


Storage Space Limitation


Opening & editing documents by multiple users


Why don’t you check it out yourself. Let us know if it works for you. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Simple Lead Management System - LeadSquared


We all want our marketing machines up and running; but very few of us know where to begin. Most small businesses start without a clear marketing plan in their heads, let alone on paper. This is the first mistake, which paves the way for countless that follow.

Therefore, as you kick start your business, it is important to have at least a basic marketing infrastructure in order.

By a basic infrastructure, I mean:

  1. A simple landing page to collect leads
  2. A back-end system to store these leads
  3. A manual set-up to prioritize these leads. 

Let’s face it; as start-ups you have to be realistic about the economic viability of your marketing platform. However, the very basic thing that even the smallest businesses can put in place is a simple and (if possible) free Lead management system (‘Free’, to test the waters at least).

Where do I start then?

Start with Google Forms: It gives you a flexible interface to carry out multiple functions. 

Google Forms

As stated before, during the initial days, you only want a tool that addresses the basal requirements; i.e. collecting the leads and storing them.

So, set up a Google Drive account. Yes, I know, Google Drive is for storage space. But, Google Forms and Spreadsheet would allow you to build a simple and free lead management system too.

Free Lead Management system using Google Forms

But, isn’t Google Forms a Survey Tool?

Indeed! By default, the combination of Google Spreadsheet and Google Forms can help you conduct flawless surveys. However, because of the embed form functionality; it can help you create landing pages as well.

How do I use the Embed Code Function to create a landing page?

The process of creating a Form is a 2 minute job on Google Forms. Here it is! .

After creating the form, Google gives you an option to generate its HTML code, when you click on ‘Send Form’ button. Copy this code, and embed it on your website (or blog) and voila, your basic landing page is ready.

Here is a simple landing page that we created using Google Forms. If you are an education company and you have free stuff to offer, you can create a similar one to add people to your mailing list.

Free Lead Management System - Google Drive

The first part of your free lead management system is ready now; what’s next is lead storage.

Where do these leads go?

All the leads collected using the forms are directly stored in Google spreadsheets. This gives you a basic lead storage space.

Here is an overview of the responses collected in Google Spreadsheet:

Free Lead Management System - Lead Storage in Google SpreadSheets

Pretty simple, right!

Is it difficult to analyze this data?

If you are looking for basic analytics, it is a cakewalk really.

1) Google spreadsheet creates a basic response summary, which is in the form of charts and graphs. The basic analysis is not bad at all:

Google Forms used as a free Lead Management System

2) As you can see, you have an auto generated basic summary. However, if you want a detailed analysis, you will have to get your hands dirty. Google Spreadsheet is quite like your MS Excel. You can create different types of charts and graphs using the stored data.

Sounds great! What’s the catch?

Though you can create a makeshift free lead management system with Google Forms; it is by default not made for this purpose, right. Therefore it has drawbacks; here are a few:

1) No auto-responder

Even though you have a basic lead storage system, many important functions are unavailable. For instance, you cannot have an auto-responder setup for the people who fill the form.

The respondents do see a confirmation message on filling the form (which is customizable). However, this is not enough. You might want to send the respondents a complimentary e-book, which is not possible using Google Forms.

2) No notification email

You will not get a notification email informing you of a new collected lead. However, you can see the spreadsheet getting updated real time.

3) You cannot track the source of the lead

It goes without saying that Google Drive does not have a standard tracking mechanism in the Forms, because that is not its original purpose, right!

Also, the leads generated using one form are auto updated in one single spreadsheet only (no matter how many different modes are used to share that particular form: Email, Social, PPC Campaigns, different landing pages etc), and there isn’t a hidden field option to even prepopulate this information while creating a particular campaign. So, even if the traffic comes from varied sources, it is not segregated based on that.

Therefore, this leaves you with no option to track the lead source. As a result, you wouldn’t know which key source gets you the most leads.

4) Duplicate Entries

You can never prevent a user from filling a form multiple times, but what you would need in a lead management system is to filter the duplicate entries out.

In Google spreadsheets, you can filter out the duplicate entries once they are in the spreadsheet (like in regular excel sheets), but that is additional work once again, that you would want to avoid.

5) Storage Space Limit

Google Drive gives you a free storage space of 5GB right (this is where you will store all your leads as well). This, no doubt is enough to start with, but can be a limitation for a little advanced user. If you wish to upgrade, you can check out the price details here.

If you in fact, are looking to lose the ‘free’ from the ‘free lead management system’, there are other tools to consider. For now, you can check out LeadSquared’s free trial, and create some great landing pages with that.