Google Adwords Remarketing, also known as Ad Retargeting, is a form of online advertising which runs ads across the Google Display Networks (GDN). It enables you to show ads to those users who have already visited your website or landing pages while browsing through the internet and showed some interest in your products or services. So, utilizing Remarketing strategy can dramatically Increase your Return on Investment (ROI) on your Google Adwords Campaigns.

How does Google Adwords Remarketing work?

A Remarketing Tag, which is a small snippet code available on Google Adwords, has to be added to all the site pages (even on  the landing pages). The visitors to these pages will get cookies installed in their browser. This will enable your ads to reappear to your prospects on all other sites (throughout the GDN), even after they leave your site.

For Instance: Imagine yourself running an online education portal. You may Create a Google Adwords campaign targeting a particular course, say ‘Diploma Courses’. Link the ad to that very page which talks about diploma courses or you can Create a landing page for the ad. You will also have to place the remarketing code or tag on this page. Now, whenever a visitor clicks on the ad and visits this page, a cookie gets placed in his/her browser. The visitor can then see your ad across a vast number of partner sites on Google Display Networks. You can do this for all your webpages and landing pages to make your ad campaigns more targeted.

Recommendation: When you create your first Remarketing Campaign on Google Adwords, begin with targeting everyone who viewed your homepage. Gradually, you can start creating super targeted campaigns.

What are the Advantages of Google Adwords Remarketing?

Target Audiences across the GDN:

 Remarketing can help you target your audiences better and increase your rate of conversion. You can customize the remarketing lists anytime to reach out to the exact bunch of leads, with specific message to be conveyed.

 Target audiences associated to particular interests and show your ads only to them. Google Adwords Remarketing also provides Custom Combination options to enable you combine multiple audience for retargeting.

 Remarketing also helps your brand gain visibility across all the partner sites on Google Display Network. You can easily follow and engage your target audiences on different sites while they browse the internet.

 Retargeting your ads make sure that your audiences remember your offer at the time of buying. Not only this, effective remarketing strategies can help you attract new prospects and bring back old customers to site.

Varieties of Creative formats:

 With Google Adwords Remarketing, you can create various types of ad formats like Text ads, Image Ads, Display ad builder, App / digital content ad, WAP mobile ad, Product listing ad and Dynamic search ad. Customize your own Banner ads and creative formats for desktops and laptops.

 Make your banners or ads look attractive by highlighting special offers, discounts, free trial, etc. These ads will follow your visitor everywhere across the GDN. The more targeted and attractive your ads are, the faster will it work to remind your visitor about your offer. So, you can recapture their interest and bring them back to your website to complete the sale.

Manage your Marketing Budget Better:

 In comparison to all other PPC advertisements, Google Adwords Remarketing is relatively less expensive and easier to manage. Proper optimization can reduce your remarketing cost to just 20% of all other PPC marketing investments. But, as you begin with targeting your homepage visitors, the initial cost may be high. Just because the more broader you make your campaigns, the higher will be cost. So try making your remarketing campaigns more targeted, using advanced optimization options. As you make them more targeted and optimized, the cost might gradually reduce.

 You may use Contextual Targeting for reducing the remarketing budget.

 The bidding strategies can be customized according to your marketing requirements. You can bid higher or lower for specific remarketing lists depending on its membership duration. For Example: Retargeting a visitor over the next seven days has more chance of converting in comparison to remarketing over 90 days. So bid higher on visitor who are targeted for a short duration.

Estimating upon the chances of conversion of a prospect (prospects who have added items to their shopping cart versus those who have just visited the homepage), bids can be raised or lowered from time to time. For Example: Imagine Visitor ‘A’ has signed up for the free trial of your software. The chances of conversion of this visitor is higher when compared to Visitor ‘B’ who has just visited the Homepage and left. So, bid higher for Visitor ‘A’ in comparison to Visitor ‘B’.

Thus remarketing with Google can be really helpful for E-commerce retailers and advertisers.

If you are struggling hard to make your business grow and gain visibility in the digital marketing world, then Google Adwords Remarketing can really be a powerful strategy. It has made online marketing more advanced and user-friendly. Now marketers can easily classify their prospects, design a specific marketing strategy for each of their leads and manage their PPC marketing budget more effectively. What more does a business need to make its online marketing plans successful?

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