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    [Webinar] How Indian Brands can survive the COVID-19 crisis

    Key Discussion Points: How to generate more leads during this time? How firms like Nielsen & BCG reports see the aftermath of COVID-19 on Indian businesses? Where is your audience available or spending time during and after it’s over? What you definitely need to talk about in your marketing from now onwards? How can businesses deliver better […]

    App Store Optimization – Increase Visibility and Acquire More Users [Webinar]

    App store optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of an application on app stores. Developers put in a lot of effort to create, test and deploy a mobile app on app stores. Sometimes the visibility of these apps is not as good as expected even after creating a wonderful app with top-of-the-notch functionalities and […]

    Key Marketing Metrics You Need to Focus on and Their Importance – Webinar

    Marketing involves a lot of ambiguous activities, and hence might just be the most misunderstood function in the business! Do you feel my pain? As marketers, we are always struggling to find metrics beyond the superficial vanity ones (likes, shares and traffic) to show for our efforts. In addition, constant experimentation and monitoring is also […]

    Social Media Marketing Strategy Essentials – Webinar Recording and FAQs

    Say what you will about social media, but it has become the metaphorical elephant in the room: hard to ignore. But how do you make the most of it? Which is the best platform to invest in? Are you doing it right? If not, what should you be doing better? Plagued with such questions? That […]

    Most Successful Online Marketing Tips Ever [Webinar Recording & FAQ]

    Last week, we had our second most successful webinar ever – Online Marketing Tips! Guest panelist Vishal Kataria, talked about content marketing and shared online marketing tips that can help you generate more than just awareness for your brand. Vishal is currently building Aryatra, a training and development organization. Prior to this, he spent over […]

    Inside Story of LeadSquared’s Marketing Strategy [Webinar FAQs]

    Last Friday, we discussed our marketing strategy here at LeadSquared. The session covered everything from the kind of campaigns that we run, the metrics we use to measure success, how we hire new members for the team, and learnings from having tried different marketing channels, and formats over the course of past 3 years. In case, you missed […]

Case studies

    Form Health Steps-Up to Meet Demand with Patient-First Processes

    Form Health combines online care from board-certified physicians and dietitians with FDA-approved medications to help patients whose weight issues impact their health. The company’s services are offered exclusively via telehealth across most of the U.S.

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    Zuci System drives more Leads with LeadSquared Marketing Automation

    Zuci Systems transforms their sales and reduces cost per lead with LeadSquared's efficient sales automation.

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    How LifeCell Improved Their Agent Productivity by 10% with LeadSquared

    LeadSquared enables increased sales visibility and productivity for LifeCell, India's largest stem cell bank.

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    How Zolostays Reduced Lead Leakage to 0.1% with LeadSquared

    Zolostays improves agent efficiency by leaps and bounds with LeadSquared's advanced features and functionalities.

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    CrackVerbal Increases Decision Speed by 300% with LeadSquared

    CrackVerbal leverages LeadSquared to reduce lead leakage to zero, improve follow-ups. and productive marketing and sales analytics.

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    Ananda Spa’s Journey to Better Lead Management

    Ananda, a luxury destination spa leveraged LeadSquared to attain better lead nurturing, comprehensive data management, and improved performance management.

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