O2 Spa’s Secret to Successful Spa Marketing

“I like its ease of use, and the fact that it makes marketing very simple. The extended features like email marketing and integrations with different lead capture channels are awesome as well. My whole campaign rests on this  and I would really like to recommend it to everybody.”

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O2 Spa loves LeadSquared for:

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Reduced cost per lead


Visibility into lead journey


Customizable platform

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O2 Spa is luxury Spa Chain specializing in spa and wellness. It is the only spa chain operating across 15 cities in multiple formats such as airports, Five Star Hotels, malls and villas. With over 500 highly trained therapists and beauticians, the luxury spa chain caters to over 1000 customers every single day at over 43 world class spas.

With their existing marketing system not being able to cope up with the different needs of the business, O2 Spa decided to look for a platform that could do it all, from lead capture to lead nurturing to lead management. Digital Marketing Manager at O2 Spa, Adnan Syed talks about how LeadSquared simplified their spa marketing process.

Spa Marketing - O2 Spa

What is your business about?

We sell spa services such as aroma therapy, Thai massage and other body messages. This also includes wraps and scrubs. We also offer beauty services. Our USP is into foot reflexology. We are located in 15 cities all across India. We also have a branch in Fujairah, Dubai. We are extending our operations to other places in UAE and USA.

The 43 outlets in India are in 15 cities, which include Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi etc. We are divided into 4 slabs where we are located in airports, major malls, 5-star hotels and villas (high street standalones).

How old is it?

It has been around since 2008.

What is the size of the business?

We have around 700 employees all over India.

How do you generate leads?

As of now, we are running most of our campaigns digitally. Our major channels are

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

With respect to investment and with respect to leads which we get, social media and Google ads are the main ones.

In case of Google ads, we do display and search (where we are getting good results). We are also planning to launch video ads.

We run traditional lead generation campaigns (offline) as well. We run ads in newspapers. However, we are not very strong with respect to traditional marketing. It was working well in the past. But now we are investing more on digital platforms because it is giving us proper calculated returns unlike traditional marketing efforts which have a blurred return on investment.

We have been using LeadSquared for 4-5 months. It has been an awesome experience till date. The problems have definitely been solved. We can now create landing pages on our own and generate leads within minutes. With our current plan, we are entitled to 10000 emails per month, all of which are utilized.

Prior to using LeadSquared, were you using any software for your marketing?

We have a backend system called Manage My Spa which we used before LeadSquared and still do.

Our database is in Manage My Spa. We pull our database from there. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, etc. We pull these details from Manage My Spa where every guest who walks in, gives us their email addresses and phone numbers.

Did you face any specific problems?

The major problem would be that we don’t have a technical person or a website developer in-house. Hence, we have to outsource website development. Once we plan our campaigns, we get in touch with our designers who make good images. When we send it across to our out-sourced team for the changes, there is always a probability that there will be a communication gap between both the parties. As in, we say something and they do something and then we regret what we have said. So this loop resulted in delaying the release of our campaigns. Creation of webpage wasn’t there before LeadSquared.

Moreover, Manage My Spa does not support creation of landing pages. You can’t create landing pages in minutes, publish them and get leads instantly, like in the case of LeadSquared. It is not a fast platform. That’s one of the reasons we were on a lookout for something more advanced and complete. I have been searching for such a platform for a long time. Once I looked online, I found the solution I was looking for.

Key benefits:

  1. I don’t have to depend on any website developer.
  2. Easy customization.
  3. Access to the complete analytics platform – where is the lead coming from, where is it going.
  4. Form creation – we can create forms without having any technical background/know-how.

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