What Adventure Nation, an Award-Winning Travel Company, Can Teach Us About Travel Marketing

Our business is basically about getting the best adventure operators on our platform. We have a web portal. It’s kind of a marketplace but not completely because only products that are curated by us are showcased on our website. It’s a B2C platform so we reach out to customers who are interested in adventure activities and we offer them the best ones in India.

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Email open rates


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Adventure Nation – The Outdoors Tribe is a joint venture between two travel companies, Yatra.com and Snow Leopard Adventures. Based out of Gurgaon, Adventure Nation is a one-stop-solution for adventure buffs and travel enthusiasts who are looking for adventure sports and activities, outdoor events, camping and trekking expeditions, river rafting or kayaking and so on.

Earlier this year, Adventure Nation was awarded the prestigious National Tourism Award by the President of India. Incredible, isn’t it?

Travel Marketing - National Tourism Award

Adventure Nation Promoters Dhruv Shringi, CEO, Yatra.com and Ajeet Bajaj, MD, Snow Leopard Adventures receiving the National Tourism Award from the President of India on 18th Sep 2015

Fortunately, I was able to speak with the man behind Adventure Nation’s marketing, sales and adventure tourism success, Amit Choudhury. He is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the company. I asked him what is it that Adventure Nation does as an adventure tourism company, what travel marketing and sales activities does the company undertake, and how has LeadSquared benefitted them in doing so. Here’s what he had to say:

The Business

Travel Marketing - Trek
We started towards the end of 2012 and went live online in October 2013.

The Team

We are currently a team of about 20. We have people in technology, online product, sourcing and contracting, content marketing, sales and social media. It is a hardcore online product.

Lead Generation Channels

We mainly use search engine marketing, social media marketing, and run print ads. We also generate leads through our growing list of partner channels.

The Challenge 

What happened was that earlier, the CRM tool we were using resided on our server. Therefore, our sales and marketing teams and the rest couldn’t access any data while traveling, or when they were on holidays, or during the weekends. Of course, there was a VPN solution but that didn’t work out. That was a big challenge for us. In that aspect, LeadSquared helped a lot.

Why LeadSquared

We tried quite a few tools actually before we decided on LeadSquared. Some of the tools we evaluated were CRM tools, some were for lead management, and some were online analysis and marketing tools. However, LeadSquared was something we found suitable as it had all the features that we needed. Plus, initially we had faced some issues creating landing pages. To overcome that, we found LeadSquared to be a good solution.

We use LeadSquared email campaigns a lot and use it for lead management as well. We don’t use SMS yet but are planning to start using that soon.


  • Increased email open rates: We have been using LeadSquared for over a year and I can say that the email marketing feature has really benefitted us. The open rate for the emails that we send out through LeadSquared is really good. We get almost 10% open rates for the emails that we send through LeadSquared, which is higher than what we had earlier.
  • Ability to sustain engagement with leads: The autoresponders have helped us sustain engagement with our leads and nurture those that might become potential customers.
  • Detailed reports & user-friendly dashboard helps analyze marketing campaigns with ease: The analysis provided has really helped our business grow. The dashboards are useful and user-friendly actually. It’s easy to analyze which are our top-performing campaigns and which ones need more work.
  • Ability to identify and prioritize on the most important leads: With LeadSquared website tracking, we know which leads are visiting our website, which pages they are on and how much time they spent there. This helps us identify which leads are more interested and what package/activity are they interested in, making it easy for us to promote our best packages/activities.

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