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Increased sales conversions


Average email open rate


Lead engagement

The Deltin Group loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Aggregates online and offline leads
  • Reduces the sales response time
  • Makes it easy to measure marketing efforts

Increased sales conversions


Average email open rate


Lead engagement

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The Deltin Group is owned by Delta Corp Ltd, India’s only listed company in gaming. With luxury hotels and world-class facilities, Delta Corp Ltd has redefined the country’s gaming and hospitality services.

The Deltin Group includes a portfolio of gaming and hospitality properties in Goa and Daman, including

  • The Deltin – Hotel and Casino in Daman,
  • Deltin Royale – Offshore Casino in Goa,
  • Deltin Jaqk – Offshore Casino in Goa,
  • Deltin Suites, a luxury only suite hotel in Goa and
  • Deltin Palms – a boutique hotel in Goa.

Both hotels provide the most modern amenities such as a gym, spa, swimming pool and in-house Vegas restaurant.

Marketing Automation-Hotel

As their existing marketing system was not being able to integrate all of their marketing and sales activities into one channel, Deltin Group realised the need for a system that could integrate their efforts into one platform and generate revenues along the way. Floyd Tavares, Business and Digital Marketing at Delta Corp Limited tells us how LeadSquared has been helping their sales team close more deals.

What is your business about?

Deltin Group is India’s largest trading and hospitality industry. We have a collection of hotels and casinos based out of Goa and Daman. We are a part of Delta Corp Limited (public listed group).

How old is it?

The company was launched in 2005 so it’s about 9 years old. The brand is 1-year old.

How do you generate leads? 

We have a different type of audience. Our primary business is gaming. We use varied lead generation channels for our hotels.

We invest in a lot of kind of media – right from ads to magazines. We invest in all airline magazines, we have advertisements in Goa airport, we also invest in hoardings, gantries, etc. Offline media in that aspect is very important to us.

We recently started using social media and email marketing. Now, our focus is on social media and digital marketing. On digital media, we run Google and Facebook ads. We send out emails as well.

Were you using any tool before LeadSquared to automate your marketing? 

We used Zoho earlier. It wasn’t being integrated into one channel and that affected our marketing process.

Has LeadSquared helped resolve the issues?

Marketing Automation - LeadSquared LogoWe are one of the few companies in Goa who are using marketing automation. We have automated a few of the marketing activities in terms of auto mailers, auto responders, follow-up mails.

I personally use LeadSquared a lot for the auto responder that goes out. For instance, to say thank you or to talk to them about selling other properties. Now, we can automate the process by sending follow-up mails two or three days after the first mail is sent.

LeadSquared has helped the sales team a lot. It manages leads from all our sources, which are gathered in one place. It makes it easier for us to follow-up on the open leads/prospects. For the management, all our offline leads are imported to LeadSquared. We also use LeadSquared for our Loyalty Program. So instead of building it on a 3rd party software, we have started testing it on LeadSquared.

I would say that our lead generation has definitely increased, although we have not used the lists. I have created a list for all our targeting. So if I need to target a particular campaign, I can do it up based on whether they are casino customers, or hotel customers, or people interested in other things – I have targeted campaigns for all these leads.

Key Benefits:

Offline & Online Lead Aggregation: 

Landing pages are a great way to integrate online leads while the ‘markcopy’ email id is a great tool to capture all offline leads. This feature in fact has seamlessly helped the sales team sync their offline leads.

Reduced Sales Response Time: 

The auto-responders & email library are working wonders in communicating in real time with our prospects. Lead response time has significantly been reduced. Since the number of mails that the sales team personalizes are reduced, it gives them more time to focus on one-one telephonic conversations which has resulted in increased conversions.

Measured Marketing Efforts: 

Use of LeadSquared has resulted in better attribution which in turn has resulted in a more measured marketing effort & better distribution of budgets.