How LifeCell Improved Their Agent Productivity by 10% with LeadSquared

LifeCell International Pvt Ltd is India’s first and largest stem cell bank in India. They first started operations in 2004, and have now branched into preventive healthcare options for the mother and baby. They have more than 3 lakh customers who store their stem cells with LifeCell. They also provide a comprehensive service called a community stem cell banking, which benefits not just the mother and baby, but also the siblings and grandparents.

John Paul, the Chief Digital Officer, at LifeCell talks to us about how LeadSquared has improved their productivity.

The Problem:

We have a strong marketing team, but marketing is not just about capturing a lead through your campaigns. It is mostly about conversions. We run campaigns both online as well as offline. We have digital channels such as Google and Facebook. Other than that we have people on the field, who approach hospitals and doctors, and collect leads and then, upload to the system.

We also have a call center team, who are usually the first touchpoints for most of the leads that come in. They qualify and prioritize these leads and then send it over to the field team.

We wanted a tool that would measure the productivity of these teams, as well as the efficiency of our marketing campaigns.

Choosing the Right CRM:

We needed an omnichannel tool that would capture all our leads together in one place, and prioritize and nurture these leads effectively. We also needed to ensure that it would track what our call center and field sales agents do, to ensure that they are completing their tasks on time. And of course, to measure how our marketing campaigns were performing. One more thing we were very particular about was the level of support the platform was willing to provide.

We began looking at some of the big tools in the market to find someone who would be the perfect fit for us. After some amount of search, we found LeadSquared, and it became our CRM of choice.

The Teams that Use LeadSquared:

Our marketing managers use the tool the most. They use it to run campaigns across platforms and to measure how much money was put into each campaign and the ROI for the same. This gives them good insights into what works and what doesn’t. And, not just promotional campaigns, they also use it to send nurturing campaigns through emails and SMS as well.

Before LeadSquared, our technical team used to manually integrate APIs. Now, we have automated the integration of all of our APIs through LeadSquared’s inbuilt API platform.

Lifecell agent productivity

Our call center agents also use the tool to handle the leads that come in. They use it to increase conversions and to push the leads faster down the funnel. Another team that uses the tool is the field agent team who monitor their own performance and productivity.

LeadSquared has become an end-to-end platform for us, where we can manage all our teams from marketing to field sales.

The Results We have SeenLifecell - results

We have seen three major results:

  1. Increased visibility: We now have a comprehensive view of our overall investments and what works and what doesn’t, both in terms of channels and campaigns.
  2. Better productivity: Our agents’ productivity has risen more than 10% thanks to LeadSquared. The agents are not wasting time on unnecessary tasks anymore.
  3. More resource-saving: All tasks were manual before. Marketing, sales, and operations were all done manually. Now, everything is automated thanks to the built-in APIs that LeadSquared has.

The reports feature has also helped us a lot, by giving us clarity on agent utilization and the number of calls that they make in a day. Another useful feature is the smart views which give a quick look into your leads and customers. The tool is very easy to use and our managers use it with very minimal support.

Closing Thoughts

I would recommend LeadSquared to any company whether it’s Healthcare, Retail or Finance for three simple reasons. It’s very easy to adapt across teams. It’s highly scalable and the support they provide is amazing. The moment we reach out to someone for help they immediately solve any problem we may have.