How Zolostays Reduced Lead Leakage to 0.1% with LeadSquared

Zolostays was founded in 2015, with the main intent to provide a hassle-free living solution to its customers. When they started, the main living options for people from out of town were PGs and maybe hostels. But, the living conditions here were not so great. This was the problem that Zolo has been solving, by making co-living much easier. Initially, they started operations in Bangalore, and then slowly moved to Pune. They are now operational in 10 cities in the country.

Akhil Sikhri, the CTO of Zolostays, talks to us about how LeadSquared has helped Zolostays in their journey.

Why did you look for a CRM?

The process of looking for accommodation in a new city doesn’t happen overnight. Our target audience takes their time researching and finally choosing one. When this is the case, it is important to reach out to them while they are in the decision-making process. We needed to streamline our communication so that we say the right thing at the right time. More importantly, our agents also need to know which lead to reach out to in which order.

Keeping all this in mind we started looking out for a CRM which can improve agent efficiency, and track our leads so that we can give them the right push down the sales funnel.

How did you choose LeadSquared?

As mentioned before, scoring our leads was a very important requirement for us. Even before we started looking for a CRM we were planning on building our own lead scoring system. One of the main reasons why we zeroed in on LeadSquared is its scoring mechanism. The tool helps us to assign a score to leads who are looking within a 3 day period, and then we can reach out to them appropriately.

lead scoring

While implementing the tool, I personally used the tool and explored its features, and experimented with it. I found the tool very flexible and suitable for our requirements.

Besides this, we found LeadSquared to be a very intuitive tool. The automation features, as well as Lapps, their developer platform, helped us to simplify our agents’ lives as well as improve customer experience.

We’ve been using LeadSquared for 3 years now. We were early adopters of most of the features that they roll out. We have used automations, rules and notifications, and the best part is how flexible and configurable the tool is.

Which teams use LeadSquared? And how do they use it?

LeadSquared is primarily used by the sales and marketing teams. It is also used by the support teams, in the case of customers who come back to the Zolo platform. The feature that helped all these teams is the tasks. They have a daily calendar that has a list of all their tasks that are due. It also plans their day out for them, so that they don’t have to do anything. It also tells the lead’s preferred mode of communication such as email, SMS or over the phone.

We have also set up a geography-based distribution of leads. This ensures that only the local experts are speaking to the leads.

What results have you seen with LeadSquared?

We run a lot of paid marketing campaigns such as Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns. Besides that, we get a lot of people who walk into our properties as well. It is important for us to not miss out on any of these leads. That’s what LeadSquared has helped us with the most. I can say that our lead leakage is less than 0.1% at the moment. We have been able to integrate all of our online and offline channels with the CRM.

lead capture

Another benefit is the visible improvement in agent efficiency. Thanks to features like tasks, automations, and smart views, our agents are much more productive.

We also have segmented our leads into different categories. A lead coming from AdWords and one coming from referrals need to be dealt with differently. LeadSquared has helped us create this difference and we are able to nurture them accordingly. All of this has reduced our cost of acquisition as well.

Would you recommend LeadSquared?

I will definitely recommend LeadSquared. It is highly configurable, and you can customize it to your use case. The support you get from the team is phenomenal. You can experiment with the tool yourselves, and the help portal answers any and every question you have about the tool. LeadSquared also listens to its customers and keep bringing in new features, which is also highly encouraging.