Docon Improved Pre-Sales Productivity by 2X Using LeadSquared

Many parents use vaccination cards to keep track of how many more injections their child needs. Sometimes, these cards may get misplaced and they may end up getting the same vaccine twice. Docon, an innovative practice management app, was founded with the intent to help pediatricians mitigate this simple problem. Now, they have expanded to recording the entire history of patients.

Linish Theodore, Senior Business Manager at Docon, says, “It was started as a simple solution to keep track of vaccinations, but now we let doctors access the complete medical records of a patient with just a touch. We started our operations in Delhi – NCR and then expanded to Mumbai and Bangalore.”

Choosing the right CRM

Docon used HubSpot as their CRM. This seemed the best idea at the time given their budgetary concerns, but they soon realized that it was not an ideal solution. Their telephony system was not working well with HubSpot, and everything was done manually. For example, when an agent has to make a call to a lead, they needed to copy the name from the CRM and look for the number in the database. After this, they need to copy-paste the number into the dialler and place the call.

“For Docon, the main problem was that our tools were not speaking to each other. There was a lot of to and fro and multiple switching of tabs, which affected my agents’ productivity,” says Linish.

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Linish had already used LeadSquared in his previous organization. He was aware of how powerful a sales tool it can be, if used right. LeadSquared integrated seamlessly with Ozonetel and Zendesk, which is what they were looking for. With the tool being the best option, they chose LeadSquared as their CRM.

The teams that use LeadSquared:

Three teams use Leadsquared at Docon. The presales team, the field team, and the success team. At Docon, they need CRM more for presales and customer success than sales.

Presales team:

Docon’s main source of lead acquisition is through word-of-mouth and through referrals. They upload these lead lists into the CRM, check for duplicates, and then assign it to the presales team. They have set up smart views for every agent. This helps them to know what they are supposed to do for the day: who to call and who to follow up with.

The agents also log in activities for each call that they make. And with every activity, lead details are automatically populated, such as updating lead fields or changing lead stages.

Field team:

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The field team gets their leads assigned to them on a daily basis either automatically or through their managers. As soon as they open the app, they know what to do. They know which lead to visit, what their status is, and what needs to be done with the lead.

Success team:

The success team uses LeadSquared the most. When there are customers who are not using the tool enough, they intervene to help them adopt the product better. They have multiple product usage metrics. Combining that with the onboarding data, Docon’s success teams have created smart views. These tell them which leads need intervention and when.

The results they have seen:

LeadSquared has brought all of Docon’s data into one platform. The presales team can easily access their leads in the smart views and they are able to call the leads right through the dialler. This has increased the number of calls they make by 200%.

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The customer success team also has access to all the data that they need in one place. No more multiple switching of tabs and no more manual search for contact details. As a result, customer success productivity has risen by 300%.

“It has just been a month since we started using LeadSquared. But we have been able to see such tangible results in such a short time. This is a testament to how good LeadSquared is as a tool,” says Linish.

Closing thoughts:

“I have worked with LeadSquared in not one, but two organizations. Based on my experience, if you have a call center and want to improve efficiency, then this is the CRM you need. This is an out of box solution. And despite this, it is extremely customizable. The integrations allow you to connect with any tool you want. My developers also add that LeadSquared’s REST API’s are easier to configure than any other tool they have worked with. I’d highly recommend the tool.”

– Linish Theodore

Senior Business Manager, Docon