Shapoorji Pallonji International Reduces its Lead Leakage by 50%

LeadSquared simple and easy to use. Post-implementation, we have seen a 20% increase in broker onboardings and more than 50% increase in leads captured.”

10x your sales productivity with LeadSquared.

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Increase in Lead Capture


Rise in Broker Onboarding


Missed Opportunities


Lead TAT

Shapoorji Pallonji International loves LeadSquared for:

  • Ease of Configuration
  • High Integratability
  • High Flexibility 
  • Simple and Easy-to-Use UI/UX
  • Comprehensive Lead Management & Tracking

Rise in Lead Capture


Rise in Broker Onboarding


Missed Follow-ups


Lead TAT

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About Shapoorji Pallonji International

Shapoorji Pallonji International Property Developers, the international real estate development arm of Shapoorji Pallonji Group, is responsible for developing several residential, commercial & other mixed-use projects.

They are known for developing landmark projects across the GCC, starting with the Sultan’s Palace in Oman to its most recent flagship project in Dubai – The Imperial Avenue, located in Downtown Dubai that promises excellence through values such as integrity, innovation, and sustainability.

Challenges Prior to LeadSquared

As a scaling real estate organization, they were facing challenges such as:

1. Informal, scattered data management High lead leakage

The team at SPIPD would miss lead inquiries due to manual tracking, leading to missed opportunities

2. Lack of a single, easy-to-use tool across their organization.

The team did not have a consolidated view of the sales pipeline leading to lower productivity

3. Broker onboarding and management

Inefficient system to onboard and manage performance of brokers

4. Incomplete lead journey tracking

Lack of visibility in lead journey

5. Improper notifications and reminders for agents

No nudges and reminder notifications to agents on pending/overdue tasks

LeadSquared Solutions

SPIPD wanted a tech partner to replicate their strong values and vision in their sales and marketing operations. So, they set on a quest and, after some research, came across LeadSquared.

The idea was to improve lead capture and increase agent accountability, and It has been two years since SPIPD started using LeadSquared. This implementation has helped streamline their operations better, reducing lead leakage and increasing agent productivity.

1. Lead leakage reduced to Zero

Lead Capture Automation for SPIPD

SPIPD captures leads from various channels like Social media, lead forms, email marketing, brokers, landing pages, etc. LeadSquared provides a centralized view for tracking and attributing the leads from the different channels (and identifying the most profitable ones).

2. Broker onboarding and management experience just got easier!

Broker Onboarding and Management for SPIPD

There are more than 3000 broking firms in Dubai. With 20-25 sales agents adding leads into their sales funnels daily. Often, SPIPD sales managers interact with these brokers, onboard new ones, and manage existing broker relationships. Hence, tracking any new onboardings and attributing leads to their respective brokers was a significant challenge for SPIPD.

LeadSquared helps SPIPD track broker activity right from their onboarding, presentations, site visits, and introductions with potential clients. This has led to a 20% increase in Y-O-Y broker onboarding for SPIPD.

3. Agent productivity is through the roof!

Increased Agent and Broker Productivity for SPIPD

Since the properties belong to the luxury segment, one agent is responsible for taking the lead throughout the entire journey. SPIPD agents work both in the office as well as on-site. Hence capturing their day-to-day activities to measure their productivity is difficult. 

Here’s where LeadSquared helps track productivity. All productivity reports are delivered to the manager so that the data can be used for further analysis.

4. Only prioritize sales ready leads!

Lead Prioritization for SPIPD

It is difficult for agents to identify all the sales signals from a prospective buyer. SPIPD deals with home buyers from various geographies, which can make this identification even more painful. LeadSquared helps the agents prioritize conversion-ready leads by assigning scores to them based on sales readiness. 

5. Know what your lead wants!

Understand Lead Intent

Before using LeadSquared, leads were managed using Microsoft Excel.

This is where LeadSquared helps SPIPD maintain and track lead activity throughout the customer journey and allows agents working on the prospect to make relevant conversations and increase the chance of closure.

LeadSquared Result

“I think it is a great system that we are using. It helps us keep track of all the leads flowing in from our channels. It also helps us understand the evolving customer preferences. We evaluated other CRMs but we found LeadSquared simple and easy to use. Post-implementation, we have a nearly 20% increase in broker onboardings and more than 50% increase in leads captured.”