Oasis Fertility Doubles its Patient Engagement Rate

“We use LeadSquared to manage our lead funnel. The reporting section is our most loved feature as we can dive into data and best-performing sources for patient acquisition. Our patient engagement has doubled from 4% earlier to 8%.”  

10x your patient engagement with LeadSquared.

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Rise in Patient Engagement


Patient Profile Visbility


Missed Opportunities


Patient TAT under 5 Minutes

Oasis Fertility loves LeadSquared for:

  • Patient Inquiry Management   
  • Targeted and Personalised Communication  
  • Third Party API Integrations  
  • Tracking and Team Performance Analytics
  • Smart Automations
2x Rise

In Patient Engagement


Patient Profile Visibility


Missed Follow-ups


Patient TAT

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About Oasis Fertility

Oasis Fertility is a comprehensive healthcare provider with specific attention to infertility treatments. Oasis is a ‘one-stop’ single-day care clinic where consultation, investigation, and treatment are taken care of during a single day. They have multiple centers across India in 16+ states. 

Their vision is to be the trusted experts and leaders in providing evidence-based fertility treatments with compassion, and their mission is to offer accessible, affordable, informative, compassionate, and quality healthcare for couples hoping to be parents with the latest advances in medical technology.

Challenges Prior to LeadSquared

1. Patient Inquiry Leakage & Management

Oasis fertility has a vast presence across the country with multiple channels for patient acquisition such as form fills, calls, chats, google ads, Facebook, Instagram, chatbot on the website, 3rd party aggregators such as Practo. Without a proper lead management system in place, this led to missing out on inquiries

2. No proper system in place to capture inbound phone calls

Due to a large volume of inbound leads, the team couldn’t manage inbound inquiries and assist them to nearby clinics.

3. No process automation leading to lower patient engagement

The team did not have a system to automate communication across channels with patients based on triggers.

LeadSquared Solutions

Here’s how LeadSquared helped Oasis Fertility improve their patient management and organizations’ bottomline.

1. Patient Inquiry Management System

Lead Capture Automation for Oasis Fertility

The team at Oasis fertility uses LeadSquared to capture patient inquiries from all their channels without leakage and helps them consolidate, manage and track them through a single dashboard. This has resulted in lower patient turnaround time and better engagement.

2. Third-Party API Integrations

API Integration

The team at Oasis fertility has multiple channels of patient inquiry capture, and LeadSquared helps integrate with third-party aggregators such as Practo, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The team also uses LeadSquared’s Knowlarity telephony integration to manage inbound phone calls. 

3. Engaging Process Automation

Creating custom workflows for better lead management

The team relies on LeadSquared’s marketing suite for nurturing their patients through email automation. LeadSquared helps automate emails and drip sequences based on their interests and intent. 

4. Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Employee productivity

The team leverages LeadSquared to generate reports on the efficiency of their call center team, conversion ratios, the contribution of patient acquisition mediums, and more. 

LeadSquared Result

“We’ve been working with LeadSquared for many years now. Most of our processes have been sorted. Managing leads and generating reports is simplified, and the user interface is friendly. The reporting capabilities are one of our most loved features, and we would like to rate the tool 7/10. It is also cost-effective compared to other solutions out there.”