How Indian Brands can survive the COVID-19 crisis

Key Discussion Points:

  • How to generate more leads during this time?
  • How firms like Nielsen & BCG reports see the aftermath of COVID-19 on Indian businesses?
  • Where is your audience available or spending time during and after it’s over?
  • What you definitely need to talk about in your marketing from now onwards?
  • How can businesses deliver better outcomes in times of a crisis?
  • What has this crisis prepared us for and how can we be better planned for.



Aditi Ohri
Co-Founder, Emporiom Think Digital

With over 10 years of experience in helping brands with their marketing and advertising problems, Aditi facilitates Digital transformation initiatives for brands to help them grow with ROI-driven results using AI & ML. As Emporiom Digital’s growth catalyst, Aditi along with her team are using Digital stories that inspire the world and leave an impact in the market.

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