Fasal Achieved Sales Funnel Transparency with LeadSquared

Sai Aravind Kunapareddy

“Previously, we did not know the lead source or the progress on the leads in real-time. But with LeadSquared, we have managed to get everything in one place. We have better visibility of our sales funnel and pipeline.” 


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Fasal loves LeadSquared for its:

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  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Great customer support 

Lead Onboarding


Sales Funnel Visibility


Lead Management

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About Fasal

Fasal is a one-stop platform for horticulture farming. In 2018, the journey started with a four-member team, and now they are on their way to impacting Indian Agriculture. Since its inception, Fasal has helped its numerous farmers achieve high earnings by helping them produce more and sell better.  

Their AI-powered platform delivers farms, crops, and stage-specific actionable advisory for horticulture.  

Fasal currently operates pan India. The team travels to remote places to connect with farmers or dealers.  

As they were still expanding and growing, they felt a need for a single platform to manage a large team and the increasing flow of leads. This is when they found LeadSquared to solve the following challenges. 


1. Capturing leads from multiple sources

The Fasal sales team connects with farmers in fields in remote areas. They used to capture leads from offline sources like one-on-one meetings, events or phone calls on paper and upload them on excel sheets. At the same time, they also received leads from online sources. Capturing and managing leads from multiple sources was a hassle.

2. Tracking field sales activities

Fasal works with farmers all over India. Their sales team connects and onboards leads from different states. With people on the field and working offline, the team lacked visibility of their activities. They depended on excel sheets to get updates and observe lead progress.

3. Lacking pipeline and sales funnel visibility

With the pen-paper model to manage leads, the team lacked real-time insights. It was tough to understand where the lead was in the sales funnel and track the progress.

Here is how partnering with LeadSquared helped them. 

LeadSquared Solutions

One platform to capture and manage inquiries across sources

LeadSquared’s customized Lead Management Solution enables Fasal to capture leads from all their online and offline channels. It notifies the salespeople when there is an activity on the lead, or it moves down the funnel.

One platform to capture and manage inquiries across sources

“We wanted a platform to capture leads from all offline and online sources and track the progress on the leads. LeadSquared provided a single platform to manage all our leads”  

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Field force tracking

With LeadSquared’s mobile app for field management, the team at Fasal has complete visibility into their agents’ activities. They plan and assign routes to agents as per lead inflow.  

Field agents can continue with their work and add leads, log in meeting notes, and make calls even without the internet. 

They can also add follow-up details and receive reminders. 

At the end of the day with the auto-generated reports the team can ensure their agents are on top of their game. 

field force tracking

360-degree view of the sales funnel

Fasal can now view the end-to-end lead journey from capture to conversion with real-time dashboards. They can check the progress of leads in each stage of the pipeline. Complete visibility of how the lead is progressing, enables them to make data-driven decisions and improve conversions.  

“We wanted to understand what was happening with the lead, and for this we had to go into each lead. I wanted a holistic picture and LeadSquared provided it.”  

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Fasal found their all-in-one solution with LeadSquared. While the lead management solution and the mobile app helps them improve sales efficiency, custom reports and features like lead audit empower the management to make data driven decisions and provide quick solutions. 

“The support team is just an email away. The TAT on inquiries is very less, we get a reply within 3-4 hours. Overall, the team is great.”  

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