In our last webinar, we had a great discussion on Facebook Lead Gen Tactics for the Smart Marketer. LeadSquared’s Digital Marketing Manager, Meenu Joshi ran the session. Those of you who missed it, you can find a summary of some session below:

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Here are some of the questions that were asked by the attendees:

Question 1

Is it possible to show the ad to a Facebook group only?

Yes, it is possible. You can select the group of audience for whom your ads can be served and you can do this by selecting them from the “Audience Targeting” options.

Question 2

What do you mean by lookalike audience?

Lookalike audience is a set of audience who matches a list of people you have already created (looks like your custom audience – matching interests, behaviours, and so on).

Question 3

What are the full forms of CPV and CTR?

  • CPV is Cost-per-view
  • CTR is Click-through rate

Question 4

What is CTA

A call-to-action (in short also known as CTA) is an image, text or a button that ‘calls’ and prompts visitors to take an ‘action’. Call to action buttons aid in eliciting a response from website visitors. “Click to know more” or “Register now” are a few examples.

Question 5

What are options for organic leads from Facebook if we have a lot of fans?

Here are two options for generating organic leads from Facebook:

  • You can keep sharing interesting content from your Facebook account. Share content that people will engage with.
  • On the cover image on your timeline, there’s an option to put a CTA there. Using the CTA, you can send people to your website. It’s free and you can ask them to take a particular action like, buy something, sign up, subscribe, etc.

Question 6

Is it okay to run multiple campaigns for the same audience?

If you are running multiple campaigns for the same audience, try to have it as different ads instead of different campaigns because if you run it as different campaigns, they will compete with each other. If you run it as ads, then also they will compete, but it will be better that way. You would at least be able to figure out which particular ad or offer is working better for you.

Question 7

How can we send a message to all those who have liked our Facebook page?

I don’t think it is possible to send bulk messages. You can surely post a message on your wall for everyone to see, but I doubt you can send private messages to everyone together.

Question 8

How can we ensure that our post reaches at least half of our audience on Facebook (at least 50 percent)? 

This goes way back. Initially, if you ran some sort of ‘page like’ campaign, where you did not do the targeting right, you would have got a lot of likes that are not relevant to you. Those people would not engage with you either. The first thing to do is to try and get rid of these unwanted, fake or bot likes. This webinar on Facebook Ad Updates will guide you through the process.

Facebook Lead Gen

Question 9

How can we make sure that two of our campaign are not conflicting with each other?

When you are creating your campaigns, the campaign creation would depend on the sort of objective you are choosing. When you go to the ‘Ad Set’ level, you would be choosing different targets, demographics there. If you do that, in that manner, your campaigns will not conflict with each other.

Question 10

Is it necessary to run paid ads on Facebook? Can’t we manage through unpaid activities?

It’s not necessary to run paid ads on Facebook. If you are able to get good engagement on your Facebook page, then you don’t really need to. But if your aim is generating good leads for what you are trying to sell, then I think you will have to spend some money on it. If you run it properly, it is worth because Facebook ads are not at all expensive. You just have to monitor them really well.

Question 11

Can you elaborate on Business Account Manager?

You can create a Business Account yourself. It would make sense for you if

  • you manage a lot of different Facebook pages, or
  • a lot of people in your team have the admin rights to your Facebook business page, or
  • you just want to monitor how stuff works.

There’s no harm in signing up for it. You will definitely be able to get a better view of it.

Question 12

What is the minimum budget to start off with for paid ads?

You need to make sure that the budget is double of the cost of one-click. You can start off with something as low as 1$-2$. For good results, you’ll have to do the reverse calculation.

Question 13

Can we save our Facebook ads as we do in Google Adwords, if we don’t want to add payment at that time?

No, you can’t run the ads and then add a payment method.

Question 14

Can I permit/assign more than one candidate to be the Ads Manager?

Yes, you can give others permission to create ads in your page. You can choose that from the ‘Ad Settings’ and pick the role you want him/her to play. This person can then login through his own account and then create ads for the page. He/she need not use your account for it.

Question 15

Do we have a LeadSquared form which we can use in Facebook for surveys or lead generation?

You can use LeadSquared landing pages in Facebook ads. We have an app as well that allows you to pull a landing page from elsewhere onto Facebook itself. However, the latter is not a very good option because ‘Custom Tabs’ take a long time to load. Instead, send people off to a landing page and get their details from there.

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