Last week’s session on ’16 Simple Ways Marketers Can Get Better at Digital Marketing in 2016′ was one of the most successful webinar sessions we have ever had. Guest speaker Prateek Shah, Founder of Digital Defynd shared his expertise on digital marketing and addressed several questions asked during the session. However, there were so many that we had to write two posts on it. In case you missed the webinar, you can find it here:

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We have also summarized some of the questions asked during the webinar, below:

Question 1

Any tips on targeting rich people for a luxury furniture brand?

There are multiple targeting options available. Try using several platforms. In case of the free ones, you could post pictures of the furniture on Instagram or Pinterest. In case of Facebook targeting, use options like ‘FB Payments (Average Spend is more), Household Composition, Job Title and so on. You could also use names of popular brands that they might be interested in.

Question 2

How to generate quality leads by digital media for the newly started web design companies?

Advanced search on Twitter would help. Otherwise, go to or Apply for work there. Recently got funded. They are doing well so I think it would help. Running ads on Facebook would also help.

Question 3

Which are the top tools for digital marketing in 2016?

I found this great article that lists the tops tools for digital marketing for different digital marketing activities. Take a look: 37 Digital Marketing Tools That Make Life Easier

Question 4

Suggestions for top tools for quick lead generation?

LeadSquared should be at the top of your list :)

Apart from that, you have HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Marketo, Salesforce and several others. However, a responsive website, social media presence, and a business blog would probably make lead generation quicker.

Question 5

How successful Hindi news publications are on social platforms? Especially on Twitter?

I don’t think Hindi publications have a very good audience on Twitter. I would personally recommend you to do more and more stuff on Facebook. In fact, create Facebook groups for discussions and then promote your publication. In addition to that, write great content so that you can share it via WhatsApp and have a WhatsApp share button included on your website. Do that and your readership will definitely go up.

Question 6

Can you suggest the best third party tool to analyze social data? How can we find out who shared our content? 

I would recommend BuzzSumo. It will help you find out who shared what content, how many times it was shared and on which platforms it was shared.  You could also try Keyhole or Socialbakers.

Question 7

Talking about WhatsApp marketing, how can a brand benefit from the same? Can we expect website visits from WhatsApp?

You can definitely expect mobile visits from WhatsApp. If you have noticed any of the websites these days, they all have a WhatsApp share button. They have that because a lot of people are sharing stuff on WhatsApp. We can’t track it effectively right now but let’s hope that Facebook gives us some way.

Question 8

How do we present our product to a mass audience?

It would really depend on what the product is. But on the outset, presentation through social media, email marketing, website (widget) and business blog would help. You could target people through ads as well. Again, the type of product would define the type of audience.

Question 9

How to target students for engineering admissions?

Facebook targeting is the way to go. Target age groups 16-18. Location and interest based targeting are preferable. You could target their parents as well.

Question 10

If we share content on Facebook, including a landing page, will Facebook restrict circulation? What should be the strategy?

Facebook does restrict some circulation, about 1% to 5%. Concentrate on great content. Don’t just post content because you have content. Post content when you have great content.

Question 11

Which are the effective remarketing tools in the Indian market?

If you are talking about Facebook ads, you can go to Facebook also allows you to do retargeting directly. Similarly, there are other retargeting platforms like ReTargeter. I’m not too sure about the Indian ones in particular which can help.

Question 12

How to do hyperlocal marketing? Is there some tool to do it?

As OPEN Forum describes it, “marketing to a defined local geographic area, usually a small area such as a region, city, neighborhood, zip code or even a block.” Hyperlocal marketing allows marketers to use a smartphone’s GPS data to geographically target audiences for the purpose of delivering relevant ads. You could also take a look at this very informative post on hyperlocal advertising by Marketing Land. Twitter’s Advanced Search, Meetup and FourSquare are popular tools for hyperlocal marketing. This webinar recording on geotargeting might give you more inputs:

Geotarget your way to the perfect audience - Whys and Hows

Question 13

Any real estate email marketing tips?

Stop selling. Let me explain this. I got a mail from a major company from one of the major CEOs who was in a major scuffle with the investors. That whole email had this huge image of new properties, new townships, ‘buy from us’ CTAs and I was of course not interested.

What we need to ask ourselves is, ‘Can I actually engage the audience with some interesting discussions? Can I send them some Diwali decoration ideas or maybe send them ideas of Christmas goodies for their loved ones?’ While I do that, I sell.

The problem is that most people don’t understand that kind of marketing. So let’s try to do that type of marketing and automatically your open rate will go up, your clicks will go up and people will start trusting you as a brand. It’s all about generating relationships with email marketing or digital marketing.

Here at LeadSquared, we have worked on a couple of real estate-related documents. You might find some value in them as well:

Question 14

How to grow the traffic of the website which doesn’t have much content, like an event website?

Partner with more and more people who have a good amount of readership and content because then you don’t have to worry about how will people get to know about our event. You have to worry about the number of people you partner with and how did they help our word to be spread out to more people. That’s a great way to reach out to people especially when you aren’t a content heavy website,  and when people don’t have an inherent need of coming to the website for any kind of content.

Question 15

How many posts per day should we share on Facebook? Should it be related to the product or could it be on anything?

News websites would post about 5-10 per day. The Logical Indian does about 4-5 posts a day. A B2B brand will do one post in one week and I’m not talking about posting on Facebook yet. That depends on who you are and what you do. I would say posting over 3-4 times a day on Facebook would work.

As for the content/post, you can talk about the industry as well. It does not have to be just about the product. You can target your customers, by providing content that is of value to them or information that they might need. You can also pick a specific topic/product/industry and share posts abut that from someone who is well-known and is an expert on the subject.

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