Lead generation chatbots for customer acquisition

91% of marketers consider lead generation as their most important goal, and 53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget on lead generation, as per Ruler Analytics. 

There’s no doubt that quality lead generation is the bread and butter for most marketers, but in today’s competitive world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult.  

A typical lead generation journey starts with attracting the right audience, capturing their interest at the right time to nurturing prospects till the time they are ready to buy. Your lead generation strategy directly influences the sales pipeline and revenue.  Though it is one of the most essential stages of marketing, it is also where maximum drop-offs happen.  

If your goal is growth and you’re looking for ways to generate meaningful leads, then chatbots are the perfect solution. In this blog, we will explain how Lead Generation Chatbots can make your sales and marketing teams more efficient. 

What is a Lead Generation Chatbot?

Lead Generation Chatbots specializes in converting passive visitors into qualified and sales-ready prospects. Customers can turn to your Lead Generation Chatbot for any query using the words of their choice – the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capability understands the customer’s query and responds back with the correct answer. Lead Generation Chatbots are powerful tools that can automate your entire lead generation process and create a personalized, engaging customer experience for your visitors.  
Customers love this because they get the easiest possible access to your product. With the press of a button, they can ask anything and receive instant answers.  

What are the benefits of using Lead Generation Chatbots? 

Think of Lead Generation Chatbots as an extension of your current marketing team. Using them, you can gain valuable information about your leads and accelerate prospects through the different stages of your marketing funnel. Let’s talk about what Lead Generation Chatbots can do for your brand. 

Quick access to information 

Prospects at the discovery stage often have specific questions and enquiries. Using Conversational AI, all these repetitive and common queries can be easily answered. The prospect need not wait for a representative to call back.  

Chatbot for Quick access to information

Attract, qualify, and nurture leads 

Sales representatives should not waste their time with poor quality leads that almost never convert. The best leads are those that have a high probability of conversion.   

A Lead Generation Chatbot can collect the right information from the prospect and effectively score the incoming leads so that your sales team can focus on high-priority prospects first. Chatbots are an excellent tool to help sales representatives be more efficient and focus on the prospects who are most likely to convert. 

lead generation chatbot to attract, qualify, and nurture leads

Drive more conversions, reduce costs, and optimize your marketing strategy

Lead Generation Chatbots proactively engage with your visitors with the main purpose of converting them quicker. Instead of your users exploring your website and signing up through rigid traditional forms (where most of them drop off), your chatbot can send personalized prompts and notifications to start the conversation and convert them during the process. Since the conversation is natural and free-flowing, the friction is lesser, and conversions are much higher. 

lead generation chatbot to drive more conversions, reduce costs, and optimize your marketing strategy

Now that we have understood the benefits of Lead Generation Chatbots, let’s understand what goes into building these solutions. 

Combine your chatbot and your CRM to build unified lead profiles and personalized journeys  

During chat conversations, users are more comfortable and upfront in sharing their details. Attributes associated with your lead like their name, email ID, phone number, address, past purchases, items in the cart, etc. help you personalize their lead journey and build relevancy and familiarity with your brand. It helps you match their exact needs with your products and services to make sure that they are on the quickest path to receive satisfaction.  

How does a lead generation chatbot work? 

What distinguishes a lead generation chatbot from any basic chatbot is the technology behind it. To be more precise, it is all about the integration and communication between your chatbot and your CRM. The more synchronized these solutions are, the more personalized customer journeys you can build. With a good lead generation chatbot, you should automatically be able to –  

  1. Attract and instantly create new leads in your CRM  
  1. Capture user details, interests, and account information  
  1. Track their user behavior in real-time and personalize the conversations and campaigns  
  1. Move your lead across different stages in the sales funnel 
  1. Create retargeting campaigns leveraging conversational information and much more 

That’s why Haptik has integrated with LeadSquared, India’s #1 CRM software, to help brands build the best Lead Generation Chatbots – quickly & easily,  to meet all the above-mentioned use cases and your custom requirements.  The combined power of our solutions helps you encapsulate all the necessary lead information from conversations into your CRM, which acts as a single source of truth for every team within your organization.  

We have gone one step beyond to make this even simpler for you to build and go live in just a couple of days. Haptik provides ready-to-use conversational flows, also known as “Smart Skills”, for all your needs across lead stages, directly connected with your LeadSquared CRM. This means all left for you to do is – plug and play. 😊 

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