Patient outreach SMS templates

Delivering care and patient experience is directly impacted by the limited time and resources available with healthcare providers. Amidst this, one aspect that gets neglected most often is patient outreach. 

Automated text messaging reduces manual work, bridges communication gaps, and identifies patient outreach opportunities. 

In this article, we’ll share patient outreach SMS templates you can use for your practice. But first, let’s define patient outreach. 

What is patient outreach? 

Any outbound communication with patients, whether manual or automated, that aims to keep them interested in their care, improve adherence to treatment regimens, and inspire them to act is referred to as patient outreach. Contacting patients past due on appointments, lab work, screenings, shots, or other preventive and follow-up care is a common part of this process. 

Even though patient outreach efforts may seem to be an obvious choice, many hospitals and practices still rely on patients to make appointments and follow up with the healthcare facility. Not implementing proactive patient outreach strategies often leads to higher no-shows and missed appointment rates. 

Here are some patient outreach SMS templates to help you get started.  


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 1. Patient onboarding SMS template

When you register a patient to your hospital or clinic, you can send them a text. The text can be a simple welcome message with a partial medical record number or MRN. 

Please note while sending the patient onboarding SMS, do not disclose any information regarding the patient’s condition. 

Template 1: Patient onboarding SMS template 

Hello [Name], thank you for visiting [Hospital/clinic name]. The last four digits of your MRN are [number]. For faster service, kindly fill out the form at [link].  

2. Regular checkups SMS template 

You can intimate patients with chronic issues for regular checkups. For instance, patients with prescription lenses should consult with an ophthalmologist or optometrist once every year. The same goes for patients who suffer from conditions like diabetes, chronic cardiac issues, or neurodegenerative issues.  

Template 2: Routine checkup template 

Hello [Name], it has been a year since you consulted with our doctor at [department name] department. To book an appointment, call [number] or visit us at [link]. Stay healthy, stay safe.  

Pro tip: You can leverage your healthcare CRM solution to send specific recommendations to a segmented group like visiting your clinic or hospital. However, you should not include the reason they will be visiting your clinic or hospital.  

3. Test reports intimations via SMS 

Test report intimations include a link to a secure portal to download test reports. However, all reports cannot be provided online. For instance, tests like x-rays, EKGs, MRIs, or others that rely on imaging must be collected in person. You can notify patients about the reports and collection procedure via text messages. 

Here are some SMS templates that you can use depending on the situation. 

Template 3: Online test reports 

Hello [Name], your test report is now available online. Visit [link] and log in using your registered contact number to access the reports. For any assistance, call us at [number]. Thank you.  

Template 4: Offline report collection 

Hello [Name], your test report is now available at the collections desk at [hospital/clinic name]. Visit us from [Time], Mondays through Saturdays to collect your report. Please carry the receipt and proof of identity for report collection.  

Template 5: Both online and offline 

Hello [Name], your pathology reports are now accessible at [link]. Please log in with your registered contact number. Your radiology reports are now available at our report collections desk during working hours. For any queries, contact [number]

4. Preparation for procedures 

Different diagnoses require different procedures and precautions. For example, during an MRI, you cannot take any metallic objects inside. A creatinine test may require fasting or avoiding any cooked meals. Blood Glucose Tests or Cholesterol Levels Tests require fasting. A pap smear test may need a patient not to shower or have sex within 24 hours before the test. An angiography may require hospital admission. 

While the doctor instructs the patients regarding prior preparations, the patient may forget such instructions if the tests are scheduled a week later or so. Patient outreach efforts via texts or calls can help caution patients. Here are some texts templates to give a cue to the patients. 

Template 6: Instructions over a text 

Hello [Name], your [test name] is scheduled after 2 days. You are advised to fast for 12 hours before the sample collection. For more information on mandatory prior preparations, visit [link] or contact us at [number][hospital/clinic name]

Template 7: Intimation for a phone call 

Hello [Name], your [test name] is scheduled after 2 days. Our medical staff will call you during working hours to brief you on mandatory prior preparations. For more information, visit [link][hospital/clinic name]

Template 8: Instructions for admission 

Hello [Name], your [test name] is scheduled on [Date]. You are requested to visit the hospital on or before [Date] to complete the admission formalities. For more information, contact our admissions desk on [phone number][hospital/clinic name]

5. Offers and discounts 

You can leverage your healthcare CRM to provide targeted discounts. Diagnostic centres and clinics often give discounted rates for routine pathological checkups. You can inform your patients about the running offers through text messages. These are purely promotional texts and do not include any personal information. However, you can use patient info to provide more personalized outreach texts. 

Here are a couple of samples. 

Template 9: Generic discount template 

[Hospital /clinic name] is now providing [%] discounts on popular pathological test packages. Book your slot today, visit us at [link], or call us a [phone number]

Template 10: Targeted discount template 

Prevent diabetes with an early diagnosis. Book the diabetes complete care test package at [Hospital /clinic name] and get a [%] discount. Visit us at [link] or call us a [phone number] to know more. 

6. New services intimation 

As a healthcare service provider, you need to constantly evolve your infrastructure and services to provide the best care. You can share information regarding new services, improved equipment, or new departments at your institution through plain text messages. 

Here, you can leverage patient data using your healthcare CRM and provide relevant information to patients. You can even educate your patients on how the new services can benefit them instead of generic text. For instance, a CT system with a high slice count can be used for better cardiac imaging. 

Here is a sample: 

Template 11: Patient outreach SMS template for informing about new infrastructure 

[Hospital /clinic name] now has [description about the new infrastructure]. Get faster results and improved diagnosis of your heart condition. Contact our cardiology department at [phone number] and book your slot today! 

7. Events and camps SMS templates 

Hospitals and diagnostic clinics often organize events and camps in collaboration with other businesses or non-profit groups. Most of these camps provide free medical consultation via simple diagnostic tests. Free medical camps often include eye checkups, random blood glucose tests, and general wellness tests that do not require any prior preparation. More specialized camps include tests like breast cancer screening or vaccination drives. 

Events and camps are outreach efforts by themselves. You can use texts to reach out to more people and make these outreach efforts more successful. For specialized camps, you can include more targeted text messages. 

Template 12: Medical camp invitation template 

Hello [Name], [Hospital/clinic name] is organizing a free eye-checkup camp, in association with [Organization name] on [Date]. To register, visit [link] or contact [phone number].  

Best practices to expand your outreach efforts via text messages 

Text messages are the best way to broadcast information to patients. Here are some of the best practices for patient outreach text messages. 

  1. Use outreach texts to encourage patients to use preventative and discretionary medical services. 
  1. Promote forthcoming activities, for example, COVID-19 screenings, immunization campaigns, and other events. 
  1. Never send SMS texts containing Protected Health Information or PHI. 
  1. Keep your messages as concise as possible. Provide the essential details without excess frills. 
  1. Keep your communication with the patient current and actionable. 
  1. Avoid sending several SMS messages quickly to prevent upsetting patients from immediately deleting your messages. It can also lead to delivery issues, such as having your messages labelled as SPAM. 
  1. Utilize automated systems to contact patients and schedule appointments all year round. 

SMS is still one of the most efficient ways to reach out to patients. With the right patient outreach SMS templates and automation tools, you can easily acquire more patients. Proper outreach efforts also make patients feel cared for. 

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