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Get the latest tips on healthcare sales and marketing – including strategies for enhancing patient experience, managing patient relationships, and learnings from industry experts who are on top of their game

Recorded Webinars

    Healthcare Marketing 101: Strategies for Success

    Are you curious about how to make your healthcare marketing stand out in today’s crowded market? Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refresh your knowledge, this webinar will provide actionable strategies and tips to help you succeed in today’s competitive healthcare market.From understanding your target audience to creating effective campaigns, we’ve covered it all. […]

    Improve Patient Experience with a Healthcare CRM

    The advent of new applications, such as digital chatbots, record-keeping software, and real-time interactions, has drastically transformed the healthcare sector. According to a recent survey, the adoption of Healthcare CRM has increased by 35% in the past year alone, with healthcare organizations recognizing the potential of these systems to drive better patient engagement, increased operational […]

    Innovations in Telemedicine – How to adapt for the future?

    The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, and telemedicine is leading the way. With the rise of virtual care, patients can access medical services from the comfort of their own homes, and healthcare providers can reach more people in need. The telemedicine market is projected to grow to $130 billion by 2025, and healthcare professionals are uniquely […]

    Let’s discuss how patient engagement can result in improved retention

    Only 21% of patients report that their doctors have informed them about digital communication channels, despite the fact that 70% of patients prefer to receive follow-up care reminders or other pieces of information through email or text. Where then, is the gap? The consumer health market, worth Rs. 27,000 crores, is undergoing a rapid transition. […]

    Leveraging Patient Data to Drive Better Outcomes

    Data is becoming one of the biggest assets in healthcare and with the increase of tech (think wearables and telehealth) it’s on the rise. However, simply collecting patient data won’t impact outcomes. To improve outcomes, data must be analyzed, interpreted, and acted upon. Join us as our expert panel discusses how they utilize data to better […]

    Patient Journey Mapping: stages, challenges, and tools to improve it

    Patient journey mapping is key to creating positive healthcare experiences. Read this guide for tips to build an effective patient journey.

Case studies

    How Wesper Scaled Its Operations with LeadSquared (A CTO’s Perspective)

    Learn how Healthtech firm, Wesper automated it's manual workflows and scaled it's operations with LeadSquared CRM.

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    CK Birla Increases Patient Conversions by 5X with LeadSquared

    CK Birla Hospital, one of the top hospitals in India, struggled to capture leads from multiple sources. But, implementing LeadSquared helped them resolve their challenges and improve patient conversions!

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    Ennoble Care Achieves 100% Process Visibility with LeadSquared

    Ennoble Care gets complete visibility into their pipeline to deliver timely, optimum healthcare to their patients.

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    Form Health Steps-Up to Meet Demand with Patient-First Processes

    Form Health combines online care from board-certified physicians and dietitians with FDA-approved medications to help patients whose weight issues impact their health. The company’s services are offered exclusively via telehealth across most of the U.S.

    Read Story Achieves 100% Funnel Visibility with LeadSquared

    Learn how implementing Leadsquared helped optimize workflows and achieve 100% process transparency.

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    How Proactive for Her Increased Patient Conversion with LeadSquared

    Proactive for her is a digitally native healthcare platform that offers patient-centric, liberal and empathetic care to women in India. They increased patient conversion with LeadSquared.

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