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Learn about patient engagement strategies and how to improve patient care.

Effective clinic management is the answer to the burning issue of healthcare sector sustainability. In this virtual webinar, join our...

Join us and explore how to improve access to healthcare with digital health.

Are you curious about how to make your healthcare marketing stand out in today’s crowded market? Whether you’re a beginner...

The advent of new applications, such as digital chatbots, record-keeping software, and real-time interactions, has drastically transformed the healthcare sector....

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, and telemedicine is leading the way. With the rise of virtual care, patients can...

Only 21% of patients report that their doctors have informed them about digital communication channels, despite the fact that 70%...

Data is becoming one of the biggest assets in healthcare and with the increase of tech (think wearables and telehealth) it’s...

Patient journey mapping is key to creating positive healthcare experiences. Read this guide for tips to build an effective patient...

Speakers: Key Takeaways: Watch the recording here: No matter the sector,  be it “cold calling” or “email bombing,” neither are...

Strategic conversations about the future of healthcare focus on the immediate impacts of Baby Boomers and the future desires of...

The needs and expectations of today’s healthcare consumers have changed. The advancement of technology and personalized digital experiences have infiltrated...

The healthcare journey in today’s world is defined digitally. A goal-oriented and artificial intelligence-driven digital techniques are slowly taking over...

MediBuddy Improves Patient Experience with LeadSquared

Learn how Medibubuddy improved process efficiency and patient experience with LeadSquared

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Fitterfly Increased Conversions by 200% with LeadSquared

Learn how Fitterfly improved team productivity and achieved its goals with LeadSquared’s lead management solution

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Wesper FI
How Wesper Scaled Its Operations with LeadSquared (A CTO’s Perspective)

Learn how Healthtech firm, Wesper automated it's manual workflows and scaled it's operations with LeadSquared CRM.

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CK Birla hospital
CK Birla Increases Patient Conversions by 5X with LeadSquared

CK Birla Hospital, one of the top hospitals in India, struggled to capture leads from multiple sources. But, implementing LeadSquared helped them resolve their challenges and improve patient conversions!

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Ennoble Featured Image
Ennoble Care Achieves 100% Process Visibility with LeadSquared

Ennoble Care gets complete visibility into their pipeline to deliver timely, optimum healthcare to their patients.

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Form Health adopts patient-first approach
Form Health Steps-Up to Meet Demand with Patient-First Processes

Form Health combines online care from board-certified physicians and dietitians with FDA-approved medications to help patients whose weight issues impact their health. The company’s services are offered exclusively via telehealth across most of the U.S.

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Healthcare App Case Study - Funnel Visibility
A Leading Healthcare App Achieves 100% Funnel Visibility with LeadSquared

Learn how implementing Leadsquared helped a leading healthcare app optimize workflows and achieve 100% process transparency.

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Proactive for her case study
How Proactive for Her Increased Patient Conversion with LeadSquared

Proactive for her is a digitally native healthcare platform that offers patient-centric, liberal and empathetic care to women in India. They increased patient conversion with LeadSquared.

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Oasis Fertility Feature Image
Oasis Fertility Doubles its Patient Engagement Rate

Oasis Fertility is a comprehensive multiple centers healthcare provider with specific attention to infertility treatments. They have presence across India in 16+ states. They doubles their Patient Engagement Rate with LeadSquared.

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Pahlajani's Women's Hospital
How Pahlajani’s Women’s Hospital Increased their Sales Efficiency by 60% using LeadSquared

Pahlajani's Women's Hospital, a specialty clinic for women, offers a wide range of gynecological services. LeadSquared helped them increase sales efficiency by 60%.

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PSYCHē Therapy
PSYCHē More than Doubles its Pipeline with LeadSquared

LeadSquared increases speed-to-lead and automates time consuming processes at Psyche to achieve 2x+ pipeline growth

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Manipal Hospitals
How Manipal Hospitals Improved Lead Management and Reporting with LeadSquared

Manipal Hospitals automate sales processes for higher productivity, centralizes lead management, and improves reporting with LeadSquared.

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Docon Improved Pre-Sales Productivity by 2X Using LeadSquared

Docon increases customer success productivity and improves call center efficiency with LeadSquared.

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How LifeCell Improved Their Agent Productivity by 10% with LeadSquared

LeadSquared enables increased sales visibility and productivity for LifeCell, India's largest stem cell bank.

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Artboard – 3
How Practo Increased Call Center Efficiency by 60% with LeadSquared

Practo leverages LeadSSquared to increase daily call center efficiency per agent and declutter their sales processes.

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How LifCare pharmacy increased their conversion rates by 400%

LeadSquared enables LifeCare Pharmacy to increase efficiency of field sales, improve follow-ups, and improve productivity by 100%

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