How Practo Increased Call Center Efficiency by 60% with LeadSquared

Practo is one of India’s leading healthcare applications. They have one primary focus: to make healthcare more accessible. It provides individuals the option to find the right doctors, book diagnostic tests, buy medicines, store health records, or learn new ways to live healthier. Healthcare providers have also been using Practo as the platform to build their presence, grow establishments and engage patients more deeply than ever.

Siddhartha Nihalani, the VP of Product at Practo talks about their journey thus far, and how LeadSquared has helped them improve their call center efficiency.

What is Practo’s Vision?

The healthcare scene is complicated in our country. It’s hard to decide which provider is the best one. That’s where Practo helps. For the past 6-7 years, the company has been building software that works for both patients and doctors. When a doctor signs up, we need to know when he is available, what his schedule is, how long he has been practicing, etc. And this data needs to be available to the patients. When a patient chooses a doctor, he needs to know everything about him, and what his patients think of him. This helps them understand if this doctor is right for them.

Usually, when a patient looks for a doctor offline, they rely on word of mouth. But, what works for one may not work for others. They may not really know when the doctor is available, and the wait time may increase. This is just a hassle. Practo tries to solve this problem by finding the right doctors, and ensuring that you book an appointment when they are available. The main vision that Practo has is to bridge the gap between patients and doctors and become the one-stop platform for all healthcare needs.

Why did you start looking for a CRM?

When people need a doctor, they usually start by searching on Google. They probably type, “Best doctors for abdominal pain” and, we try to appear on these searches. We spend a lot of money on paid marketing for a lot of keywords, and we do referral programs as well. We try to make it easy for patients to book appointments with doctors at the click of a button.

appointement booking

But, scheduling conflicts kept arising. We needed to create an intervention with the patient and the doctor. The patient would call us to confirm their appointment and we would call the hospital in turn. So, we decided to build our own software that will help us manage incoming patient calls, map the complete journey of the patient and communicate between both the patient and the doctor.

We built a lot of internal tools, but in the end, we realized that it was better to buy a tool that knows what they are doing, than try to do it ourselves. That’s how we began looking for a CRM.

Why did you choose LeadSquared?

We were running many marketing campaigns. And, as a result, we were getting many phone calls asking about appointments and such. We also have the agents making outbound calls. Though we set up workflows for the same, we realized over time that they were not working accurately. We also needed a tool that will help us understand what is happening with our existing process. So reporting was another feature that was important to us.

Also, our agents were growing in number. And to modify our software to accommodate our growing numbers would need another development cycle. That’s when we came across LeadSquared. We got on a call at 11 am, and by 6 pm the same day we knew that LeadSquared was the tool that would solve all our problems.

How was your experience implementing the tool?

We had a very smooth implementation experience. We thought that it would take us at least two weeks to get it started, but LeadSquared said they can start work from the very next day. We could have failed miserably if we hadn’t taken this decision.

We have now set up a call center, and have set up various automation workflows for our inside sales process as well. We have also started a surgery concierge recently. And we use LeadSquared for that as well.

What are the results that you have seen?

With the help of smart views, all our agents are able to intercept incoming requests quickly and call the patient in a few minutes. The decision-making time has also reduced considerably because of this. We are a healthcare business, not a SaaS, and we have left issues like customer engagement to the experts, like LeadSquared.

call center management

This has been the best decision we have made. All the automations running within LeadSquared ensure that all our lead management activities, from lead allocation to lead prioritization are handled easily. It’s amazing what we can do now, thanks to LeadSquared. We have already saved 6-8 months’ worth of development cost and effort. Our daily call center efficiency per agent has increased by 60%. The automation has helped us declutter our sales process as well. We are also able to measure everything, much better. We always believe that what can be measured, can be improved. And LeadSquared helps us do just that.