Patient Engagement to Experience

The way patients engage with their healthcare is changing as medical software solutions facilitate secure communication between providers and patients.

79% of patients now prefer online, mobile, and self-service interactions. With a USD 17.2 billion market set to grow to USD 68.17 billion by 2032, patient engagement is key. Using online engagement strategies, not only enhances convenience but also improves healthcare outcomes, streamlines practice operations, and elevates the overall healthcare experience.

In this webinar, uncover the secrets to revolutionizing patient experience through enhanced patient engagement.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Understanding your patient’s needs and preferences
  • Impact of engagement on patient satisfaction and experience
  • Strategies to improve patient engagement and experience
  • The role of technology in managing end-to-end patient experience


Siddhartha Nihalani

Siddhartha Nihalani
Co-founder, Practo

Nilesh Patel

Nilesh Patel
Co-founder, LeadSquared

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