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    Effective Strategies for Scheduling Work for Your Field Team 

    Are you managing a field team and struggling to figure out the best way to schedule their work? If so, you’re not alone.   Many managers struggle with this same issue. However, there are some tips and tricks you can use to make the scheduling process a lot easier. In this article, we’ll share with […]

    Patient appointment scheduling SMS templates

    10 Patient Appointment Scheduling SMS Templates 

    Rangan Das

    Constant communication from healthcare service providers is quintessential for improving the quality of medical services. Text messages can act as reminders, preventing no-shows. Additionally, timely communications also help your patients feel supported.   Almost 80% of patients prefer to use their smartphones to interact with their healthcare service provider, and 76% want to get reminders for […]

    Debt Collection Efficiency_How Automation Can Maximise Loan Recovery

    Debt Collection Efficiency: How Automation Can Maximize Loan Recovery

    Avatar photo

    Debt collection is all about efficiency. Any loss in resources, any extra expenditure, or delay in the EMI collection – can pose a real challenge for creditors.  Currently the world is going through an inflationary period. And to combat inflation in their countries, banks are increasing their interest rates. These two factors are weighing down […]

    SMS templates for healthcare

    10 Ready-to-use SMS Templates for Healthcare  

    Rangan Das

    In the healthcare sector, no-shows are common. Up to 30% of appointments are missed in the United States, costing $150 billion annually.   The simplest solution to reducing patient no-shows is to stay in touch with them through SMS.  In fact, Text message response rates are 209% higher than call response rates. Most texts are read in under fifteen minutes.  Contemporary healthcare […]

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