google adwords tutorial

The monthly search for the term “Google AdWords” is 1.5 million. Google generates 97% of its revenue from its ad platforms. Since 2014 – Q4, the spending on PPC ads has risen 12% year-on-year.

All there stats tell us one thing. More and more businesses are spending their advertising money on Google Adwords. But why?

There’s one simple answer – it works! Here are a few stats to show how effective it can be.

Google adwords tutorial - facts

Google Adwords Tutorial

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It works because Google is where 95% of the potential buyers begin planning their next holiday, or research the college they want to enroll in, or look for plumbing services, and everything else that they need.

It also works because, in addition to your customers, your competitors are online too. And, they might have been online for the past 5 years.

Do you know what you are up against if you are starting a “travel and tourism” business today in India?

google adwords tutorial

Average monthly searches for the keyword “travel packages” is 2900. It is a decent enough number for you to bid on this keyword.  If you want to reach customers through organic search, you need to rank at least somewhere on the first 10 pages right (so, you have 100 rankings to beat for customers to even know you exist). That’s a lot of pressure. Take a look at the total number of search results on Google that are already there for your keyword – “travel packages”.

Google Adwords tutorial

And, if you start a business today, it would be hard for you to beat the years and years of organic reputation others have built. Ranking organically right from day one is out of the question.

That’s what Google AdWords does – it places you on top of the search results, above your competition, when you do it right! So, let’s understand how can you get started with Adwords to start competing with others right from day 1.

Why should you read this Google AdWords guide?

You might wonder, there are millions of articles on Google AdWords – why should I read this one. There are 2 reasons

a) If you are an absolute beginner, 4 years ago I was precisely in the position you are in right now. There’s a lot of knowledge out there, but it’s not easy to understand where to begin. In fact, there’s so much that’s been written about Google AdWords, that it can get overwhelming. So, this guide would make it easy for you to grasp the basic concepts.

b) The guide contains 3 years worth of experimentation, failing, testing again, succeeding, failing again, but learning all along. In the past 3 years, I have experimented with all the possible types of Google ads out there – search, display, Gmail ads, Remarketing, what have you! So, this is just an attempt to share my experience, and keep my fellow marketers from making the same mistakes that I did, and share what I have learned so far.

List of Chapters

What is Google AdWords and types of campaign you can run

7 benefits of Google AdWords to grow your business online

10 PPC metrics you should monitor in Google AdWords

About the author

Google AdWords is something every business wants to use for lead generation. Many marketers would face a lot of difficulties and make many mistakes while setting up their campaigns. I hope this guide would help all of them to avoid the mistakes that I made, and identify just the right campaigns to run, and the best practices of running them.

Dhivya B, Marketer at LeadSquared

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