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Have you ever been to a carnival? The vibrant colors, the joyful sounds, and alluring smells really do make you feel alive. They are a wonderful attraction for the local people who just need a break from the humdrum of daily life.

But, there is another kind of crowd that these carnivals attract. I’m talking about businesses. Sellers from all over the city, and beyond come down to show off their wares right from biscuits and cakes to balloons and toys.

The one reason they are there: that’s where the crowd is!

This is the very same principle that is behind Facebook’s immense success as a platform for businesses.

Now that is one huge carnival! With a crowd, this large, businesses have access to people who they might have otherwise missed out on.

Why Facebook lead generation?

The average Facebook user spends 55 minutes per day on the platform, interacting with a diverse type of content. This could be pages, memes, videos or even events. They react to this content, search for similar content and become members of groups that gives them what they wish to see. Which is why it has been found that marketers have begun investing a lot in Facebook as well.

With the population on Facebook exceeding that of China, businesses cannot afford to overlook it. It is one of the biggest platforms for getting quality leads since the people you want are already on there.

Why should you read this guide?

Because, if you are looking to generate leads for your business, Facebook ads is one platform that you should be on. Everything you need to know about the concept is right here in this guide. I’ll tell you what you should know to generate leads through ads, with examples, and I’ll also give you an insider’s look at a few experiments and learnings we have had at LeadSquared over the years.

List of Chapters:

Facebook Ad Types for Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Remarketing on Facebook

Placements and Formats

WhatsApp for Business

About the author:

Running Facebook campaigns can get very confusing. With the number of updates that keep rolling out, keeping up with the changes can also be difficult. Which is why I am trying to make things simpler for you with this guide. Since it includes data from 4 years’ worth of experiments, you’ll know what mistakes to avoid and the best practices that you should be following.

Facebook lead generation - delshya

Delshya Selvaraj, Content Marketer at LeadSquared

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