Acuity Integration - Capture All Online Appointments Scheduled

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between two platforms to manage your online appointments

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Capture, track and manage all your lead's appointments directly from LeadSquared

Acuity Integration-capture appointments as activity

View all appointments your leads made

Every online appointment scheduled by your lead gets captured in LeadSquared as a lead activity with LeadSquared's Acuity integration.

automatic cancellation and rescheduling

Know when appointments are rescheduled

All appointments which get rescheduled or cancelled gets tracked automatically in LeadSquared.

automated messages

Automate appointment confirmation

Send automated emails and SMSes to your leads when they schedule an appointment, using LeadSquared's powerful automation workflows.

Acuity Integration-online appointment scheduling-automatic-lead-distribution

Assign appointments to your agents easily

When your lead schedules an appointment, it gets automatically assigned to the respective agent based on their preference, availability and speciality.

Keep your leads engaged till their appointment date and after

Send feedback emails, nurturing emails, drip campaigns based on your lead’s experience with your service, referral emails and much more with LeadSquared. Ensure that your leads are actively engaged in your buying cycle.

nurture email

Automatically assign appointments to your agents

With LeadSquared’s Acuity appointment scheduling integration, you can save yourself the hassle of manually distributing each new lead to your agents. Distribute all new leads, based on their requirement, location or any other rule you set.

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