Track All Appointments with Acuity Appointment Scheduling Integration

Post, manage, track, and create task reminders and appointment activities with LeadSquared


Now Manage your Appointment Activities with your CRM


All in one system

Embed LeadSquared into your Acuity account. Post, manage, track, and create task reminders and appointment activities on LeadSquared. No need to constantly switch between the two.


Appointment management

Activities are posted to the corresponding leads in LeadSquared for any new, rescheduled, or canceled appointments. A new lead is created, and activities are posted in real-time in case of new leads. New meetings created on Acuity are captured automatically on LeadSquared.


Task reminders

Task Reminders are created for owners in LeadSquared for new appointments. In case of rescheduled or canceled appointments, the task gets updated accordingly on LeadSquared App.


Lead and appointment history

When an existing lead makes changes to their appointment, see their lead details and activity history automatically. When a new lead schedules a meeting, it is automatically created on LeadSquared. It also helps you keep track of when the client is available without calling them.


Dynamic workflows

Create dynamic workflows based on triggers and actions. Distribute leads based on appointments, set up relevant communication channels such as SMS, Emails, and more.


Appointment prioritization

Reach out to the high-priority appointments first and reduce the risk of letting leads slip through the cracks. In case of changes in timings or cancellations, keep yourself updated at all times.

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