HubSpot Alternative – Why is LeadSquared better?

Complete lead capture & marketing automation at a better price

If you are looking for an HubSpot alternative, you are not alone. Nectafy in fact made a complete list of the top hubspot alternatives, because of popular client request. And yes, LeadSquared is mentioned – quite accurately, as several digital marketing agencies and automation consultancies have switched to LeadSquared (from hubspot) because it is a better fit for their requirements.

A HubSpot beater

“LeadSquared is very easy to use. It has all the features you would need for a marketing automation system at a fraction of the cost. If you are coming from HubSpot you won’t find a system that as closely matches it. Great value for money.”


Businesses switch from HubSpot for various reasons – we know, because we get multitudes of enquiries everyday, with different reasons. However, the most common one is that the companies do not use all the features in their HubSpot package. In fact, @V1Ktor from inboundmethod has observed: “All businesses I’ve worked with that left HubSpot barely use 10% of all the features platform offers. You pay for everything, yet end up using 2-3 top features.” And so they want to switch to a better option.

But it is rather tricky. Since HubSpot is a feature heavy tool, it can be hard to identify exactly which features to look for in the new tool you are hunting for. Also, comparing the pricing plans for both the software can get confusing. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of business problems you can solve with LeadSquared, with a side-by side comparison with HubSpot (both feature-wise and price-wise). That way, you can know if LeadSquared can meet your business requirements, while saving you a tonne of money.

LeadSquared for Lead Capture Automation

LeadSquared Advantage:

Capture leads from all online and offline sources – to nurture them to conversion. LeadSquared offers integration with several telephony, chat and lead capture connectors from multiple channels, that truly makes your funnel leak-proof. Landing pages, website forms, third party websites and social media are all the usual channels for lead generation. However, if you are using Exotel, Ameyo or Ozonetel you can integrate them seamlessly with LeadSquared (unlike HubSpot), which is why it is a better option. So, the enquiries you get are automatically captured as leads in your system.

Compare with HubSpot:

Do everything that HubSpot can – at a lesser price.

Responsive Landing pages and web forms
Web chat integration
Inbound call lead capture
YesLimited – Not for all connectors
Google Ad words integration
Facebook lead ad integration
Twitter Ad card integration
Event lead capture
Zapier integration
CMS integration
With WordPressYes

Easy to build landing pages, website top-bar, social media lead capture and lead capture from third party websites are possible in LeadSquared, just as it is in HubSpot. Tight integration with Zapier gives you more apps to connect your system with. LeadSquared also has a strong WordPress integration that will help you publish more easily. Now, the real question is, why choose HubSpot when you have a sound HubSpot alternative in LeadSquared?

Quick and easy to scale

“LeadSquared has helped maximize my return from my online campaigns. As the campaigns grow and get complicated LeadSquared scales up easily and efficiently.”


LeadSquared for Lead Engagement and Targeting

LeadSquared Advantage:

Get lead insights from website tracking: LeadSquared marketing automation tracks the entire journey with your business. You will know which page he has visited, how much time he has spent and where he went next. This will give you valuable insights about his requirement and help in closing deals faster. Whereas, in HubSpot, it is available only as part of the higher plans.

Engage leads with SMS automation: Reach your customers right on their mobile phones, by sending them automated SMS that is both targeted and personalized. In LeadSquared, messaging can be targeted based on user behavior and triggered according to lead activity. You can also use pre-designed templates, to send SMSes with minimum content edits. In HubSpot, while you may have the ability to message your leads, setting up a workflow, is again plan dependent.

Compare with HubSpot:

Do more than HubSpot can: Drive more conversions, with better lead insights.

Website tracking
YesOnly for higher plans
Lead list and segmentation
SMS automation
Unified view of all interactions
Email limit
From 10,000 to 200,00010X Contact limit (maximum contact limit = 10,000)
Lead prioritization
Lead scoring
Engagement scoring
Track lead source
Lead Distribution
Yes – in higher plansNo

All HubSpot alternatives provide ways to target and engage your leads. But, to have maximum impact, it has to be combined with lead management. The problem is, you may not always find these features in other tools, to complement your marketing efforts.

However in LeadSquared, the salient features like lead management and getting lead insights are available for all plans – thus enabling the marketer to get more out of his marketing campaigns. LeadSquared has been designed for marketers to drive sales impact, by incorporating certain CRM features (like lead management), that is usually not found in main-stream automation tools. You don’t have to invest more – money or time in setting it up for your business. We have you covered!

Great Lead Management with Sensible Pricing

“I was blown away what LeadSquared could offer to us. On top of personalizing email marketing with any criteria, I can manage my landing pages and get really good information to our sales about our leads.”


LeadSquared for Marketing Automation

LeadSquared Advantage:

Get workflow automation (drip campaigns) with all plans: If your goal is to automate lead nurturing and engagement based on lead behavior, with HubSpot, your pricing gets bumped up to a much higher cost. However, in LeadSquared, you can set up workflows to automate user engagement based on lead behavior, right from the Basic Plan.

Design custom integrations with APIs: Sometimes, you will want to design custom integrations, based on your unique business requirements. This cannot happen without access to Developer APIs. That is why, LeadSquared gives you access to Developer APIs, right from Basic plan. As ever, in HubSpot, it comes at a much higher cost.

Compare with HubSpot:

Get better value for money with LeadSquared. HubSpot, despite being feature rich, does not provide most of its priced features at the basic plan.

Work flows
YesOnly for higher plans
Facebook re-targeting
YesNot clear
APIs & Webhooks
YesOnly for higher plans
A/B testing
NoOnly for higher plans
Salesforce integration
Triggering sales automation
Email analytics
Workflow reports
YesOnly for higher plans
Social mention monitoring

That means, to be able to do more with HubSpot, you will have to pay more. Even key features, like A/B testing, workflow designing and APIs are not available for all users. So, if you are looking for a solid platform that allows you to engage, manage and nurture your leads at a reasonable price, LeadSquared is a sound alternative.

Forget HubSpot, SalesLoft, ToutApp and Marketo

“LeadSquared is what you need! We were up and running in literally a couple of hours and my teams (both sales and marketing), instantly fell in love with it.”


LeadSquared for Simpler Execution

LeadSquared Advantage:

Easy on-boarding: User friendly UI, that is easy to use and quick to set up are important to get started immediately with your software. We help you customize LeadSquared for your business, walk you through how you can use it for maximum benefits and would even be happy to provide custom solutioning, for unique requirements. LeadSquared is a plug and play software, that has a small learning curve, but bigger ROI.

Friendly Support: Get your queries sorted in a jiffy – with LeadSquared Support. You can reach us through email, phone or even have one – on- one Skype calls. Instant support that is accessible anytime is important to enable your marketing team achieve their goals. Have a last minute question about a email campaign that has to be sent in an hour? Pick up the phone and give us a call – we are right here to help!

Compare with HubSpot:

A well – rounded marketing automation platform for your whole team

YesOnly for higher plans
Email Support
YesNot clear
Chat Support
YesOnly for higher plans
Phone Support
Learning curve
No (very minimal)Yes
Free customer exclusive webinars
Yes, for higher plansNot Clear
Dedicated Account Manager

LeadSquared will be adopted by your marketing team instantly. They will be able to start using it from Day – 1 and can get the necessary assistance to start executing their marketing campaigns. You can run facebook re-targeting campaigns, capture leads from social media and also integrate with word-press to better manage your marketing efforts. Reporting and analytics features are also available right from the basic plan – so that you can start monitoring and improving your campaigns. Unlike some of HubSpot alternatives, LeadSquared has the personal touch – face to face meetings, if necessary – to get you executing your marketing campaigns.

Great value – solid functionality, easy to use

“LeadSquared is a great all in one marketing platform. It’s very easy to use and the learning curve is very short. LeadSquared has a very helpful and responsive support team. I’m able to rapidly create and launch campaigns and manage the platform for multiple clients.”

Bob Derr - Higher Education

LeadSquared Vs. HubSpot – Pricing Comparison

LeadSquared could be a better fit for your business, than other HubSpot alternatives, as it offers most of the key features of HubSpot, at almost half the cost! More than the overall cost advantage, LeadSquared is designed to be a wholesome marketing tool right from the basic plan. You can also capture, manage and nurture 50X times the number of leads than you can with HubSpot basic plan (100 leads in HubSpot Vs. limit of 5000 leads in LeadSquared).

Here is a detailed pricing structure comparison between the two tools:

$200 (100 contacts)$200 (5,000 contacts)In HubSpot, you do not get work-flow based drip campaigns. LeadSquared offers a basic version of this feature. You can also engage your leads through SMS on mobile.
$800 (1000 contacts)$600 (25,000 contacts)Very basic reporting features available in HubSpot.
$2400 (10,000 contacts)$1800 (100,000 contacts)All reporting features is still charged extra in HubSpot.
Onboarding fees
$600 – $5000$600 – $5000HubSpot may require intensive learning. LeadSquared is comparatively easy to learn

Easily the best automation tool

“As someone who has used HubSpot, Marketo and Act-On, I can tell you that LeadSquared has all the features at a fraction of the cost. Their drip marketing feature has increased our sales velocity by 50%.”

Buying Tips:

Before picking your marketing automation tool, consider a few key aspects:

a) How much website traffic are you generating?

The basic plan of HubSpot, allows only 3000 site visits a month. Therefore, if your traffic is much higher, you may have to go for a higher plan that will bump up your costs. However, for the same Basic plan in LeadSquared, you can have unlimited site visits – and use the landing pages for maximum conversions.

b) How many people from your team will use the software?

In HubSpot, if you are not a HubSpot partner or a sales rep, you will have a user-wise pricing tier. That means, you will have to either allocate a single resource from your team to take care of just HubSpot. Or, you shall have to re-evaluate your costs for the users. In contrast, LeadSquared begins by giving access to 5 users. Therefore, a big portion of your team can chip in to execute and monitor your campaigns – saving you from spending on resources (man power/money).

c) How much content are you creating?

HubSpot allows you to create and share content from a number of platforms. So, if you are creating content on all those sites, it is a good option. However, WordPress is the most popular CMS tool out there (it commands 50-60% market share). If majority of your content creation happens on WordPress, then the LeadSquared integration with WordPress can work just fine.

d) What is the main objective for getting the marketing automation tool?

HubSpot does not let you set up Automations, run A/B testing or even track leads, at the lesser plan. So, if you want to engage and nurture your leads based on behavior, or share sales insights with your sales team to increase conversions, you may have to read the fine print in pricing. In LeadSquared, you can set up at least 5 different workflows to automate engagement. Lead management and tracking are also part of the package.

e) Will you be willing to pay extra to host your site on the HubSpot COS system?

Hosting your site on the COS system comes with extra fee. Yes, it will enable you to optimize the content and get more insights – but will it really impact your ROI to such an extent that it is a must-have?

f) Can your marketing campaigns wait till you hear back from support?

So, while HubSpot gets back to you as quickly as it can with the support query you raise, in LeadSquared, you can just pick up the phone and call the support team for assistance. We understand your urgency in executing your campaigns and ensure we enable easy communication.

The bottom line:

LeadSquared is a software that scales with your business requirements. It offers a complete marketing automation arsenal right from the Basic plan, so that you don’t have to pay extra for features to accomplish the same function. LeadSquared is also priced keeping in mind practical business use cases – eg. a larger user access (upto 5 users) and even a bigger contact list (5000 leads). It integrates easily with LeadSquared CRM, to completely close the loop and keep your marketing and sales team in sync. In short, it is the most affordable HubSpot alternative you can find – that will fit your business perfectly. Go ahead, take a free trial and see how you like it!

Want to see LeadSquared in action?